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Dowsure Signs multi-million-dollar Asset-Backed Loan with HSBC

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dowsure as a pioneer of digital API platforms for cross-border e-commerce, today announced that it has received a multi-million-dollar Asset-Backed Loan from HSBC. The transaction follows the strategic investment made by HSBC Ventures in July 2023.

HSBC acted as the sole Arranger, Original Lender, Facility Agent, Security Agent & Account Bank for Dowsure’s debut revolving asset-backed loan facility (“ABL”). The facility was provided to Hong Kong Credit Services Limited (“HKCSL”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dowsure in Hong Kong. This is the inaugural ABL facility in the cross-border e-commerce sector under HSBC’s New Economy Fund and will support Dowsure’s offshore business growth aspirations.

HSBC customised an asset-backed structure for Dowsure, backed by loan receivables originated by HKCSL to cross-border sellers on the designated e-commerce platform. The facility is fully committed at closing, but also allows for flexible drawdowns to align with the company’s portfolio growth strategy, as well as maximising the cash utilisation efficiency.

Byron Pei, Founder and CEO of Dowsure Technologies, said, “The innovatively structured ABL from HSBC will enable Dowsure to provide support for more SMEs engaged in cross-border e-commerce exports. This will be beneficial to participants in the cross-border e-commerce industry, regardless of sellers, service providers, or cross-border e-commerce platforms, who will benefit from the development capital provided under this program. Through the abundant funds provided by large international banks, combined with Dowsure’s insights and innovation capabilities, it will help the industry to achieve faster and better development. This collaboration further enhances and reinforces the partnership between HSBC and Dowsure. Meanwhile, it means a new breakthrough in Dowsure’s financing model, and we appreciate HSBC’s support sincerely.”

Thomas Elliott, Managing Director, Head of Client Coverage, Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC,¬†said, “HSBC has helped Dowsure raise debt financing through a bespoke, structured solution, focusing on high-quality financial assets originated by HKCSL, to provide flexibility and enable the high-speed development of Dowsure’s business offshore. Alongside a strategic investment recently concluded by HSBC Ventures, the ABL facility provides Dowsure with additional capital to grow its loan portfolio and further its support for e-commerce merchants across Greater China.”

Dowsure, as the leading global API platform for cross-border e-commerce, has cooperated with banks to launch digital financial products through advanced models and algorithms to provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with faster, more convenient, and safer funding solutions. Over the years of delving into the cross-border industry, Dowsure has accumulated multi-dimensional capabilities in cross-border scenarios, system fulfillment, and risk control technology. Dowsure has invested millions of funds in supply chain finance platform research and development. Currently, it has reached cooperation with Amazon, eBay, Meta, Shopee and other platforms.

Dowsure has realized the whole path tracking of sellers’ capital chain with its exclusive technology, effectively reduced the default rate, and has helped many banks and financial institutions to expand new business scenarios. Dowsure has provided new lending business scenarios for more than ten banks and other financial institutions, successfully served more than 20,000 cross-border sellers, helped sellers finance more than RMB 3 billion, and boosted sellers’ sales to more than 45 billion.

About Dowsure Technologies

Dowsure Technologies, as a leading global digital API platform for cross-border e-commerce, was established in 2016. Through API technology and advanced models and algorithms, it collaborates with banks to launch digital financial products, providing faster, more convenient, and secure funding solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers. With years of experience in the cross-border industry, Dowsure has accumulated multidimensional capabilities in understanding cross-border scenarios, system implementation, and product innovation. Dowsure has established partnerships with platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Meta, and Shopee and has helped banks and financial institutions expand into new business scenarios. Currently, Dowsure has provided new loan business scenarios for over ten banks and financial institutions, serving over 20,000 cross-border e-commerce sellers, helping sellers receive financing exceeding 3.5 billion RMB, and achieving sales exceeding 45 billion RMB.