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EaseUS Unveils Disk Drives Usage Stats Report (Disk Size/Brands/Types/Numbers/C Drive Size) for 2023

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EaseUS, a leading provider of data recovery, file backup, and disk management solutions, discovers that many users find it challenging to make an informed decision while choosing a hard drive as the market is constantly evolving and introducing new hard drives. Additionally, these users usually struggle to allocate and manage their hard drive space properly.

EaseUS Disk Drives Usage Stats Report
EaseUS Disk Drives Usage Stats Report

With this background, EaseUS surveyed 207,797 users and 754,142 hard drives, including 346,477 SSDs, 200,818 HDDs, and 206,847 USB drives, on disk selection and usage preferences and obtained two industry data reports – EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 1 and EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 2, which aims to provide guidance or conduct thorough research to teach users how to select an adequate hard drive that meets their growing demands.

In the investigation process, we first thoroughly analyzes the size, BUS type, brand, and speed of hard drives, SSDs, and USBs. And then we further explored how users utilize their hard drives and allocate the space, including the average number of hard drives owned by users, system disk type and C partition size, partition type, and Windows system that applies. Users can refer to these details in the report to gain insights into the technical specifications, usage patterns, and trends related to hard drives.

EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 1 (Size/Brands/Type) for 2023

The first report reveals that Kingston and Samsung are the most popular brands for SSDs, Seagate and Toshiba for HDDs, and Kingston and SanDisk for USB disks. SSDs were found to have the fastest speed, and the report recommends using HDDs for data storage, SSDs for systems and games, and USB disks for data backup.

About 40.67% HDD users choose a capacity of 512GB – 1 TB, while 28.96% of the total SSD users prefer the capacity between 256GB and 512GB. For high hard disk speed, we recommend TOSHIBA – KXG6AZNV1T02 – $199(1TB) and Crucial – CT2000T700SSD3 –$235(1TB) after running the disk speed test.

EaseUS Disk Drives Stats 2 (Disk Number/Disk Types/C Drive Size) for 2023

The second report shows that over 60% of computer users use multiple hard disks, with most reserving 64GB to 512GB for the C drive. Over 70% choose SSD as their system disk, and over 50% prefer GPT for partitioning. The report suggests allocating sufficient space for the C drive, using an SSD for better performance, switching to GPT, and ensuring compatibility when upgrading to Windows 11.

A hard drive is like a computer’s warehouse, commonly used as the primary storage media to store various data such as systems, games, software, and photos. Having a high-quality hard drive can significantly improve system performance, offer bigger storage capacity, and enhance data security. These benefits can contribute to a smoother and more efficient computing experience. For additional information on disk selection, performance, and maintenance, you can visit the EaseUS website: https://www.easeus.com;