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EVE Energy Announces to Bring Its Flagship Power Cell Solutions to IAA Mobility 2023, Marking Its 5th Anniversary of the First International Cell Order

HUIZHOU, China, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EVE Energy, a leading global lithium-ion battery manufacturer in its fifth year of its first international power battery order, will make its IAA Mobility debut in September.  At the IAA Mobility 2023 exhibition, EVE Energy will showcase its power cell solutions for passenger vehicles that build on cylindrical and prismatic technical routes. The Company will show the entire life chain of cylindrical products, from raw materials to cells, systems, and battery recycling, while presenting high- and low-voltage prismatic products. 

Lexy Liu, GM of the International OEM Department at EVE Energy
Lexy Liu, GM of the International OEM Department at EVE Energy

Over the past decade, EVE Energy has achieved remarkable success in expanding its international power cell business, signing and delivering over millions worth of orders. Lexy Liu, the GM of International OEM Department at EVE Energy, recently marked the occasion by sharing insights into the company’s outstanding performance, emphasizing the spirit of continuous learning, teamwork, and a can-do attitude.

Lexy, who has played a pivotal role in the company’s international business development, attributes its success to a strong team spirit. “Teamwork is crucial in achieving our goals,” Lexy said. “We work together, learn from our customers and our colleagues, and leverage our personal and corporate experiences to drive continuous improvement.”

Lexy acknowledged that every project required meticulous planning and coordination among various teams within the company. The collaboration between sales and project teams was essential to provide comprehensive solutions and secure contracts. To further enhance its international business, EVE Energy established the International OEM Department in December 2021.

Looking ahead, EVE Energy is focused on growing its global reach and deepening relationships with current customers while exploring new opportunities in emerging markets. With its advanced technology and expertise, EVE Energy is committed to contributing to sustainable transportation and providing dependable energy storage solutions worldwide.

Lexy ‘s personal career and academic background played an instrumental role in her professional development and have contributed to the success of EVE Energy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Printing Technology from Xi’an University of Technology and completed a two-year exchange program with Stuttgart Media University. This experience instilled in her a solid foundation covering German language and culture, as well as exposure to multiple renowned automotive manufacturers headquartered in Stuttgart. Lexy further pursued her studies in Germany, specializing in printed electronic products, including keyboards, audio systems, and solar cells. Her involvement in battery, coating, and sales-related projects enabled her to gain valuable insights into the lithium-ion battery industry.

While Lexy was doing her master’s degree at TU Chemnitz, she also worked as an assistant researcher at Laser Zentrum Hannover. This experience brought her a desire for stability in her life. Once she achieved that stability, she felt a yearning for new challenges. That’s when she decided to join EVE Energy. With her sales expertise and fluency in German, she was confident that she could help the company expand its international business.

Transitioning from a research background to a sales role at EVE Energy, Lexy found great satisfaction in sharing her ideas and perspectives with customers. Her previous experience in product development and interaction with customers as a product manager prepared her well for this role. Lexy mentioned, “I frequently meet with customers and engage in discussions that transitioned from technical solutions to commercial proposals. Although the content may differ, the essence of closing deals remains the same. It involves understanding customer needs and delivering projects that meet their requirements.”

Looking back on the success of the International OEM Department at EVE Energy, Lexy expressed her sincere gratitude for the team’s unwavering commitment and the company’s impressive expansion. She emphasized the initial obstacles the team encountered while entering the global market, underscoring the crucial role of a cohesive team effort.

EVE Energy’s overall business development strategy goal is to gain 10% of the market share, and the international OEM department in Europe also holds the same expectation. On May 9 and May 12, the Company officially announced the construction of green battery factories in Hungary and Malaysia, showing confidence on its upcoming international projects.

In the journey towards internationalization, EVE Energy has always excelled in cooperation and excellence, showcasing its top-notch manufacturing and research capabilities through the concept of “Quality First.” The Company has consistently pursued sustainable development, creating value for customers and society, earning recognition from leading domestic and international enterprises in multiple segments, receiving perfect ratings from customers, and establishing long-term and stable strategic partnerships.

In the future, EVE Energy will continue to provide customers with higher-quality products and services, striving to become the most innovative leader in the lithium battery industry, and making outstanding contributions to global sustainable development.

About EVE Energy 

Founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen in 2009, EVE Energy has developed into a global player in the market, providing core technologies and comprehensive solutions for both consumer and power batteries, especially in the Internet of Things and the energy internet. Currently, EVE Energy has set up a research institute with 60 doctors and over 4,990 interdisciplinary R&D engineers in materials, electrochemistry, structure design, and electronic circuit design, obtained over 5,910 national patents in China. The company launched a carbon reduction roadmap with a series of low-carbon reduction efforts in energy use, the manufacturing process, the supply chain, and resource management, and was named a “National Green Factory.”

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