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Expanding America’s EV Charging Accessibility, XCharge North America Establish U.S. Manufacturing Facility in San Marcos, Texas

New US Facility will focus on Innovating EV Charging Solutions for the U.S. Grid

SAN MARCOS, Texas, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCharge North America (NA) is establishing a manufacturing facility in the City of Kyle dedicated to researching, developing, distributing, and providing services for its core EV charging solutions. The 3,500 sq feet facility in the Greater San Marcos area of Texas is used for providing localized EV charging solutions, with a focus on product innovation that addresses U.S. energy grid obstacles, to supply solutions that mirror the U.S. demand for EV transportation.

In tandem with strategic relationships and localized production, XCharge NA’s facility will help increase local EV accessibility since the county has only 20 public-access Level-2 and DC Fast charging stations within the San Marcos city limits and surrounding counties, for a population that exceeds 68,000 community members. XCharge NA has been working with Greater San Marcos and developing its 3,500-square-foot facility for over a year. The facility is dedicated to XCharge NA’s technical business aspects, with plans to expand facilities to approximately 20,0000 sq. ft. within the coming years. The company’s presence will play a key role in introducing EV charging stations that align with green initiatives set by the Biden Administration. Further, it will support local community initiatives,events and expand job opportunities.

“XCharge NA was founded to address the pain points associated with the North American EV industry. We’re excited to scale our business and increase our U.S. presence via our new manufacturing facility in the Greater San Marcos area,” said Aatish Patel, the President, and Co-founder of XCharge NA, Hays County was a perfect location for us to establish our domestic operations, given its scalable facilities and land availability. Furthermore, it provides us with the opportunity to partner with the local community – such as Texas State University – to increase job opportunities. Our continued focus and business efforts are to develop and provide cost-efficient innovative EV solutions, built to specifically alleviate U.S. grid constraints to increase EV accessibility and viability as an alternative transportation option.”

“This addition to our local community represents a step towards establishing green initiatives and maintaining sustainability for our local environment,” said San Marcos mayor Jane Hughson, “We’re committed to supporting nationally established green and electrification goals, and the XCharge North America partnership will play a key role in that success.” 

XCharge North America is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in innovating Level-3 EV chargers and energy storage devices. Notably, the company has introduced its Net Zero Series (NZS) battery-based charging station to its portfolio to provide both individual and community benefits to commercial deployments – as the station can serve as a backup power reserve with bi-directional charging capabilities. XCharge North America’s key products offering include:

  • C6AM – Optimized for the U.S. grid, this DC Fast Charging (DCFC) station has the ability to utilize 208vac or 480vac input voltage to allow for up to 150kW of output. Designed to be easy to install, operate, and service the C6AM is XCharge’s solution to spur DCFC availability in infrastructure & space-limited environments.
  • Net Zero Series (NZS) – Designed to help improve the grid, while also supporting e-mobility, the NZS is XCharge’s solution to the growing grid instability seen across the North American landscape. The NZS is a Battery Energy Store System (BESS) with an integrated DCFC system. With a 233kWh battery pack, 194kW DCFC, and the ability to utilize the battery energy to support the local grid, the NZS is XCharge’s solution to help not only get America electrified but also energy fortified.

The company is a key player in further establishing the North American EV industry via its membership work with Open Charge Alliance’s (OCA) Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). Additionally, the company is complying with the needed UL and Energy Star certification for all its core products.

About XCharge North America 

XCharge North America is a high-power intelligent charging solutions provider, developing UL-compliant EV charging products specifically designed for the North American electrical grid. XCharge North America is focused on enabling superior EV charging by applying “hardware + software” solutions to allow for a streamlined experience. XCharge North America emerged to support customers in maximizing charge revenue while reducing maintenance and installation costs. 

XCharge North America Contact: Alex Urist, Vice President

PR Contact: Matthew Burrows with The Hoffman Agency