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FY Ads: Pioneering as the First Overseas Official Xiaohongshu Authorized Cross-Border Marketing Agency

This strategic collaboration appoints FY Ads ( as Xiaohongshu’s official cross-border marketing agency.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FY Ads (, a globally recognized digital marketing agency, whose headquarter based in Singapore, has recently partnered with Xiaohongshu (RED), a prominent lifestyle-sharing platform in China. This strategic collaboration appoints FY Ads as Xiaohongshu’s official global business agency, better serving their clients by enabling brands worldwide to achieve significant growth on the platform. FY Ads ( is also the first agency in Singapore who achieved the official xiaohongshu authorised partner.

Certification of xiaohongshu official partner for cross-border marketing agency
Certification of xiaohongshu official partner for cross-border marketing agency

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of media strategy planning, influencer marketing, video production, ad campaign management and social media optimization, FY Ads empowers global brands and developers to make the most of the abundant opportunities offered by Xiaohongshu.

Xiaohongshu ( )is a thriving lifestyle community catering to China’s younger generation, with an impressive user base of over 260 million monthly active users and more than 3 million posts generated daily. It has evolved into a comprehensive life encyclopedia for Gen Z users, covering a wide range of interests such as fashion, beauty, health, travel, food, and more.

Often referred to as the “Chinese Instagram,” Xiaohongshu provides a platform for Chinese Gen Z individuals to share their lifestyle experiences and offer product reviews through visually appealing content, including photos and concise videos. It seamlessly integrates community engagement, curated content, and commercial functionality, creating an environment that encourages seeking inspiration, sharing personal stories, and making well-informed purchasing decisions.

By leveraging its exceptional user-generated content (UGC), Xiaohongshu presents brands and content creators with an authentic and compelling avenue to connect with users, foster engagement, and establish influential and trustworthy brand identities. The platform’s extensive user base, impressive engagement rates, unwavering user loyalty, and substantial influence have propelled it to become a highly sought-after platform for numerous brands.

With a profound understanding of Xiaohongshu’s user demographics and behavioural patterns, FY Ads specialises in tailoring personalised digital marketing solutions for brands and business. These solutions enable them to effectively captivate their target audiences, elevate user engagement, and achieve substantial business growth.

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FY Ads (, a global digital marketing agency, is dedicated to driving mobile growth through a one-stop cross-border marketing solution that includes user acquisition, creative, influencer marketing, social media account management, and intelligent media buying. FY Ads ( access to top global media platforms and channels to help you reach your target audience and boost your growth beyond borders.

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