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HungryPanda Announces The First Ever International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day to Honor Delivery Heroes

HungryPanda’s International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day to Celebrate and Honor Food Delivery Heroes

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HungryPanda, the world’s leading overseas Asian food delivery platform is delighted to unveil a special addition to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2024: International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day. Marked annually on August 18th, this momentous occasion pays tribute to the hardworking and dedicated food delivery riders who tirelessly connect us with delicious meals and make our lives easier.

International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day holds great significance for both HungryPanda and its community of delivery riders. The chosen date, August 18, has been thoughtfully selected to symbolize the exceptional efforts of riders. The number combination “818” resembles the silhouette of a rider’s bicycle with bags on top, visually capturing the essence of their integral role in the food delivery process. Moreover, the phonetic similarity between the sound of “8” and “eat” fosters a delightful connection with the very essence of food, further strengthening the bond between riders and the joy of dining experiences.

HungryPanda has conceived International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day with a heartfelt mission: to recognize, respect, and reward the relentless dedication of food delivery riders. These remarkable individuals go above and beyond, braving various challenges to ensure prompt and efficient deliveries. On this special day, HungryPanda will shine a well-deserved spotlight on their extraordinary contributions. The event will feature a diverse range of initiatives aimed at honoring the dedication of delivery riders including distributing ‘Panda Care Boxes,’ setting up rider stations with fresh food and water, and introducing a new voice system in the HungryPanda app that allows riders to select a virtual companion to accompany them on future delivery journeys.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day and celebrate the invaluable role our food delivery riders play in connecting communities with their favorite meals, ” said Kelu Liu, Founder and CEO of HungryPanda. “Their dedication and hard work deserve our utmost admiration and appreciation. This special day is our way of expressing gratitude and recognizing their relentless efforts in making our lives easier and more enjoyable.”

Earlier this year, HungryPanda underwent a visual rebrand, transitioning from its primary brand colors of blue and white to the highly visible combination of yellow and black. The decision was made after consulting experts and conducting a detailed study on the most prominent safety colors for transportation. The results conclusively identified yellow as the most visible color, particularly at night. By adopting this color scheme, HungryPanda aims to enhance the safety and visibility of its delivery riders, providing them with an added layer of protection while navigating the streets.

Join HungryPanda in commemorating International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day and let us collectively express deep appreciation for these remarkable individuals who enhance our lives one delivery at a time. Together, we can celebrate their dedication, recognize their invaluable contributions, and foster a culture of gratitude and support within the food delivery community.

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Founded in 2017, HungryPanda is currently the largest overseas Asian food delivery platform and the only food delivery platform to rank in Deloitte’s 2021 UK Technology Fast 50. Starting in Nottingham, U.K., HungryPanda has expanded to more than 80 cities in 10 countries: the U.K., France, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Currently, HungryPanda works with over 80,000 riders, 100,000 merchants and serves over 6 million users worldwide. This year, HungryPanda sets sights on $1 billion in gross transaction volume. For more information visit