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Indonesia’s E-commerce Solution Platform, Plugo, Announces Expansion to Thailand Reflecting on Its 2023 Milestones

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a rapidly evolving digital era, Plugo, an e-commerce trailblazer from Indonesia, has carved a significant niche within the direct-to-consumer (D2C) market space.

Kyungmin Bang, CEO of Plugo, expressed gratitude to attendees at Plugo Brand Appreciation Day 2023 and announced the platform's strategic expansion to Thailand.
Kyungmin Bang, CEO of Plugo, expressed gratitude to attendees at Plugo Brand Appreciation Day 2023 and announced the platform’s strategic expansion to Thailand.

During the Plugo Brand Appreciation Day 2023 held on August 22 at The Langham Jakarta, attended by industry leaders, brand representatives, and various stakeholders, Plugo announced its ambitious move into the Southeast Asian market.

Plugo’s remarkable achievements in 2023 speak to its rising prominence in the e-commerce sector:

  • Plugo’s highest GMV in a month reached 99.6 billion rupiah.
  • The total number of visitors to brands’ websites was a staggering 26 million.
  • The most products sold in a single day stood at 47,000.
  • The avg. conversion rate from a buyer’s visit to a purchase was an impressive 9%.

At the event, Izki Aldrin Iswarna, Plugo’s Country Director, shared, “Our 2023 milestones underscore Plugo’s commitment to serving brands and facilitating their growth. Our adaptability and innovative approach are key pillars in navigating this fast-paced digital market.”

But it’s not just about numbers and milestones. Understanding and addressing the needs of both brands and consumers lies at the heart of Plugo’s strategy. Plugo’s success was underpinned by the interplay between marketplaces and D2C platforms.

Thailand, with its vibrant e-commerce landscape, is the next destination on Plugo’s expansion map. Aiming for an official launch by the end of 2023, the move is set further to consolidate Plugo’s leadership in the D2C e-commerce sector.

Reflecting on this venture, Plugo’s CEO, Kyungmin Bang, commented, “Our expansion into Thailand isn’t just a business decision; it’s a commitment. We see Thailand as a land of immense growth opportunities and are eager to bring our D2C expertise to its dynamic brands.”

About Plugo

Founded in 2022 in Singapore, Plugo is an all-in-one e-commerce platform targeting direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The platform offers services ranging from customizable e-commerce websites to integrated payment systems, omnichannel, and advanced marketing tools.

The company secured $9 million in its Series A funding round in late 2022, with investments from firms like Altos Ventures and Access Ventures.

Plugo is entirely cloud-based and hosted, allowing users to access and manage their businesses from anywhere at any time while on the go.

In addition to its Singapore headquarters, the company has expanded its presence with offices in Jakarta and Seoul, with the latter housing a team of seasoned tech specialists.