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International Youth Day 2023: Shanghai Electric Takes Onboard Over 700 Graduates from the World’s Leading Universities in the Latest Hiring Drive

SHANGHAI, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Electric (SEHK:2727, SSE:601727) (“the Company”) announced that over 700 employees, who recently graduated from top-notch universities around the world, have joined the Company in a new recruitment season.

College Students Jointly Built A Future City At the 2023 Onboarding Ceremony of Shanghai Electric.
College Students Jointly Built A Future City At the 2023 Onboarding Ceremony of Shanghai Electric.

The new young professionals will offer their unique skills and creative ideas to help drive the development of new research projects across the fields of intelligent energy, intelligent manufacturing, and digital intelligence integration, injecting vitality into Shanghai Electric’s long-standing effort to catalyze innovation in the new energy sector and empower the global economy to accelerate towards zero-net targets. As of now, young employees at Shanghai Electric account for 40% of the total workforce, with half being highly skilled technical workers.

“Shanghai Electric is an innovation hub where engineering graduates will be equipped with the latest industry skills and insights that enable them to build a solid foundation for their professional careers. This is a place that empowers the best and brightest young professionals to unlock their potential, joining projects that allow them to solve challenges at the forefront of the industry and meeting mentors that bridge academic theory with industry reality. I believe our new members will explore and achieve great things together with Shanghai Electric in the fields of energy, engineering, and digitalization as they bring fresh thinking that inspires transformation for the industry,” said Liu Ping, Director, President of Shanghai Electric Group.

The 2023 hiring initiative has seen Shanghai Electric take onboard high-achieving graduates from¬†prestigious institutions such as Cambridge University, New York University, University of London, and Nagoya University. The intake also comprises exceptional graduates hailing from renowned universities in China and Europe, including those with outstanding qualifications such as Tsinghua University’s Materials major, Peking University’s Chemistry major, Glasgow University’s Electronic Engineering major, and Berlin Institute of Technology’s Electrical Engineering major.

As Shanghai Electric provides a variety of global career opportunities for the new employees, the new hires, whose fields of study are aligned with the Company’s business areas and directions, will bring additional brain power that bolsters Shanghai Electric’s R&B capability in the realm of intelligent energy, intelligent manufacturing, and digital integration solutions. As Shanghai Electric is building leadership in these three fields, the Company is the platform for passionate and ambitious engineers and technicians to learn, grow, and thrive, as well as for true problem solvers who challenge themselves to find the innovative, smart, and green solutions that drive values for clients while building a sustainable future for all.

A global technological leader and innovator, Shanghai Electric has developed products and solutions that set industry standards and pave the way for numerous pioneering achievements both within China and on the global stage. Since its inception, Shanghai Electric has been spearheading projects that break new ground in China and beyond, with milestones including China’s first thermal power generation unit, the world’s first electric motor with a dual internal cooling system, China’s first 10,000-ton water press, and China’s first set of nuclear power generation units.

With its world-leading technological prowess, Shanghai Electric has become a leading force that drives China to accelerate toward the country’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. As it works to strengthen the industrial synergy to enable its partners across value chains to achieve a low-carbon transition, Shanghai Electric has also released an action plan that details its short- and long-term strategy and practices to trim down carbon footprints in both new energy and traditional energy businesses.

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