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Jebsen Group Expands Pet Portfolio with Acquisition of Premium Online Retailer Vetopia

HONG KONG, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jebsen Group is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Vetopia, a premium online retailer, marking a significant milestone in the Group’s strategic growth of Jebsen Consumer and its continued investment in the thriving pet care and retail industry in Greater China.

Renowned for its innovative and veterinary focused approach to pet care retail, Vetopia stands out as the leading e-commerce platform in Hong Kong that offers veterinary pet foods, pet supplements, accessories, and pet care products. Founded in 2015 by veterinarian Dr. David Gething and his wife Trilby White, Vetopia initially served as an additional service for their veterinary hospital Creature Comforts Group. With a vast product portfolio that includes their own distinguished brand, Animalkind, exclusive supplement products from Natural Animal Solutions, and top veterinary food brands such as Royal Canin and Hill’s, Vetopia has fostered a loyal consumer base in Hong Kong.

Following the acquisition of ADP Group (owner of Q-Pets) in April 2023, Jebsen Group is unwavering in its commitment to fostering the growth and development of the pet retail industry in Greater China. “We are excited about this latest acquisition as we have been closely monitoring Vetopia’s progress and have witnessed its tremendous growth potential not only in Hong Kong but also the Chinese mainland,” said Mr. Alexander Spitzy, Chief Operating Officer of Jebsen Group and Managing Director of Jebsen Consumer. “As the leading veterinary-focused pet care retailer in Hong Kong, Vetopia offers significant opportunities for us to not only penetrate the domestic market but also expand our presence further into Greater China. We are thrilled to have Vetopia join the Jebsen family and look forward to our future development together.”

In light of this acquisition, Dr. Gething will be part of the Jebsen Group’s growing pet segment management team which includes this transaction as well as the previously acquired pet retailer ADP Group. As stated by Dr. Gething, “I look forward to the dynamic collaboration between Vetopia and Jebsen Group. Together, we will establish new benchmarks, elevate industry standards, and ultimately enhance the lives of pets and their devoted owners throughout Greater China.”

About Jebsen Group

Jebsen Group builds and invests in premium brands that bring new products, services and experiences to the changing consumer in Greater China. A family-owned private company with over 125 years of continuous presence in the region, Jebsen is committed to supporting its partners’ needs in building market demand, generating sales, and connecting local customers. As a strategic co-pilot, Jebsen elevates the value of partnering brands and helps them achieve success.

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