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Monster Hunter Now is available in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Get ready, hunters! Monster Hunter Now, a mobile game from Niantic and Capcom that brings the fantasy of hunting monsters in the real world to life, will launch globally on September 14. 

Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

Hunters in Singapore can band together and team up to take down monsters in Monster Hunter Now, now! Niantic soft launched Monster Hunter Now in four markets, which are: Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Canada, and Sweden. Gamers in Singapore can download the game for free.  

This is a full, pre-release version of the game. By “soft launching” Monster Hunter Now to a small audience, the development team will spend the next several weeks adding new features in advance of the game’s global launch on September 14th, as well as improving the game based on player feedback. Note that there will not be a level reset, so player progress will continue into global launch.

Key visual for Diablos
Key visual for Diablos

Members of the Singapore press are welcome to cover the game, including taking your own video and screen captures. We kindly ask that you refrain from a scored review until the game officially launches globally on September 14.

Additionally, Niantic released new key art featuring the monster Diablos, and introduced a new Monster Hunter Now character.

Arriving from another world, Qualily can provide a guiding hand for all hunters. Her knowledge of monsters to guide hunters with composure is unparalleled, but so too is her curiosity, which draws her towards the unfamiliar objects of our world.

To learn more about Monster Hunter Now, please watch this and this video

Please reach out if you have any questions, and I hope you get a chance to play and team up with your fellow local hunters in thrilling multiplayer hunts!

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