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ND Market: From Namdaemun Market in Korea to Amazon, a global retailer and wholesaler

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ND Market, operating as a wholesale and retail platform, represents a pioneering startup dedicated to the digitization of the largest wholesale market in Korea – the Namdaemun Market. Drawing a daily crowd of 400,000, Namdaemun Market uniquely caters to a wide array of categories, which include accessories, children’s wear, pet supplies, and homeware.

ND Market
ND Market

Through ND Market, wholesale and retail traders can access over 10,000 wholesalers via website and app, without having to visit them in person. Platform services include customer management, order processing, secure payment, and efficient delivery. By digitizing wholesale and retail activities, Namdaemun merchants have been able to prioritize product development.

Significantly, it provided a new opportunity for the Namdaemun wholesale market, which was directly affected by COVID-19. Five businesses achieved cumulative sales in excess of 100 million won (USD 77,000) last year. Furthermore, with 60% of Namdaemun market transactions attributed to overseas exports, ND Market’s impressive performance has both boosted its domestic market and expanded its international reach.

ND Market consolidates products from different suppliers into one shipping box. This allows retailers to individually place delivery requests with various wholesalers, resulting in a cost-efficient alternative to accumulating separate delivery charges. Further, the product itself can be delivered directly to the end consumer through packaging, quality assessment, and consignment delivery services, resulting in a significant reduction in delivery time.

ND Market also offers a unique service by operating its own professional photography studio for the purpose of capturing images of wholesalers’ products. As a result of this strategic offering, wholesalers now have access to a comprehensive digital catalog of products with high-quality visuals. For retailers, the inconvenience of purchasing individual samples and photographing them one by one can now be eliminated.

ND Market’s CEO, Yang Seung-woo, emphasized, “We are not content with merely being a transactional bridge between wholesalers and retailers. We have examined what wholesalers and retailers genuinely require and have successfully implemented it.”

He presented a new perspective, stating, “Our vision now entails venturing into the global wholesale (B2B) market as the Amazon.”

NDmarket participates in “SEASONS Hong Kong: Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair” held in Hong Kong. The event takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from September 20th to 24th for four days.