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Pearl Abyss Concludes 2023 Heidel Ball and Introduces Season Character in Black Desert Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that its 2023 Heidel Ball successfully concluded on August 26, introducing upcoming major content updates. As it was announced during the event, Adventurers now can create Season Characters, which offer rapid growth for new/returning and existing Adventurers.

Pearl Abyss Concludes 2023 Heidel Ball and Introduces Season Character in Black Desert Mobile
Pearl Abyss Concludes 2023 Heidel Ball and Introduces Season Character in Black Desert Mobile

The event introduced various upcoming content reveals such as “Land of the Morning Light,” “Season Character,” the new “Choryeong” class, and “Improved user convenience,” among other features.

Season Character pre-season is available now in Black Desert Mobile, lowering the barrier to entry for new and returning Adventurers and facilitating sub-characters for existing Adventurers. Through Season Character, Adventurers can experience fast CP progression and gain various rewards by completing Season Pass quests focused on character growth.

Adventurers can only create one pre-season character per Family until the maintenance on September 19. Season Characters can only equip exclusive “Tuvala” Gear, which cannot be transferred to another character. Adventurers must complete all Season Pass quests and equip every piece of Tuvala Gear enhanced to its max level in order to complete the season.

Read the patch note to learn more details about Season Character.

New Realm, Land of the Morning Light, Coming in Black Desert Mobile

Coming soon, Black Desert Mobile is releasing a new region, Land of the Morning Light. Land of the Morning Light is a new region inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, Korea’s last dynastic kingdom, and is conceived from traditional Korean folklore, myths, and fables that have been passed down for generations. When creating a new character, Adventurers will be able to choose Land of the Morning Light as the starting region.

Watch the Land of the Morning Light teaser here.

New Class Choryeong Coming in September

Choryeong, a Do-wielder who summons netherflowers, will finally arrive in Black Desert Mobile. She wields the “Soul Tome” and “Calligraphy Brush” as her awakening weapons to attack foes with melee and mid-range attacks, and summons flowers of death to strategically block enemies and inflict explosive damage. Choryeong will be joining Black Desert Mobile on September 26.

Watch the newest Choryeong class trailer here.

Simplified Repeatable Content and Improved User Convenience

Starting from September 12, Adventurers will be able to experience simplified Black Spirit Quests and Guild Quests. Originally requiring three Black Spirit Quests and three Guild Quests per day, it will now be condensed into one, while the rewards will remain the same.

Along with simplified daily quests, the “Holy Vial of Light,” which is a necessary item for entering the Hadum and Chaos regions, will see improvements regarding consumption. Holy Vial of Light consumption for Tier 1 will soon be removed outright, and Tier 2 and Tier 3 will now consume fewer Holy Vials of Light than before.

The Boss Rush system will also be improved by allowing alternate characters from the Family to be able to enter these missions. Through an improved system, Adventurers can dispatch their alternate characters for Boss Rush until all passes have been consumed.

Find more information about 2023 Heidel Ball on Black Desert Mobile’s official websites.