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Revolutionary Monport CO2 Laser Engraver Defies All Odds, Cutting a Path to Success

MIAMI, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Monport Laser has been hard at work developing new options for their line of engraving machines.  Monport CO2 series is sure to prove a hit with both established engraving professionals and budding newcomers. The Monport CO2 laser engraver machine comes in three powerful models – the 40W desktop laser, 60-80W medium laser, and 100-150W high-powered laser. Each model incorporates revolutionary built-in features that increase efficiency and ease of use.

Desktop Home Laser Cutter

Prior to its introduction, users faced persistent challenges with K40 machines, predominantly in the form of their inability to seamlessly integrate with LightBurn software. This vexing issue resulted in engravers resorting to continuous DIY modifications to overcome the setback. However, Monport successfully resolved this predicament as early as last year. Furthermore, the company has diligently optimized other areas that previously necessitated customer DIY endeavors. Demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction, Martin, who spearheads Monport Laser’s pre-development activities, asserted, “We are dedicated to finding solutions for every engraver’s requirements, no matter the complexity.”

Monport 60W-80W Medium Power Laser Machines

Designed to cater to mass production needs, Monport’s CO2 laser engravers, available in 60W and 80W options, deliver rapid and deep engraving capabilities. These versatile machines are particularly well-suited for small business producers with a moderate volume of output. The design principles behind Monport’s medium and large carbon dioxide engraving machines are fundamentally aligned. Each machine boasts essential features such as ample lighting functionality, specialized observation windows constructed from high-temperature and radiation-resistant PC material, closed aviation aluminum guide rails, optional auto-focus capabilities, and basic built-in air auxiliary and red dot indication functions.

“In reality, while these functions may appear simplistic, we have made numerous enhancements to refine their performance. For instance, we have chosen to incorporate closed guide rails, which are not commonly found in the market, to enhance durability and prolong the machine’s lifespan. Additionally, the 80W laser engraving machine incorporates three light strips that provide optimal illumination for engraving purposes. Monport Laser consistently prioritizes machine upgrades that focus on the minutest details, with the aim of delivering an enhanced engraving experience,” noted a researcher involved in the development of the CO2 series engraving machine.

Monport 100W-150W High Power Laser Machines

Monport’s engraving machines ranging from 100W to 150W have consistently garnered popularity among esteemed laser engravers, as well as manufacturers with extensive production requirements. Even entities with specific engraving needs have benefited from their outstanding performance. Typically, discerning buyers of large-scale machines conduct thorough research to ensure the quality of the products they acquire. Martin emphasized, “Monport Laser’s large-scale machines adhere to the same impeccable quality standards as our medium-sized machines. The design concept embodied within the 80W machine is mirrored in the 150W machine, both of which have received glowing accolades from our esteemed customers. We remain dedicated to implementing the finest research and development outcomes in each of our machines.”

Monport Built-in Chiller CO2 Laser Engraver Series

The built-in refrigerator model combines a sleek design with a cutting-edge refrigeration unit, saving space and providing a cool, comfortable environment for the user. The fireproof cover adds an extra level of safety to the equipment, giving small businesses peace of mind and the knowledge that their property is always protected.

But the real innovation in this new line of Monport Laser machines lies in the built-in water chiller that comes with the high-powered CO2 laser engraving machines. This groundbreaking feature eliminates the need for an external water cooling system traditionally required by CO2 laser engravers. It not only streamlines the setup process but also ensures optimal performance and longevity of the equipment, making laser engraving more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

As the leader of CO2 engraving machines, Monport Laser has been at the forefront of the industry since its establishment. This is inseparable from their continuous introduction of new design concepts and practical R&D upgrades to give customers the latest and most friendly engraving experience.

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