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SANY Engineering Vehicles Unveils New Range of Intelligent New Energy Dump Trucks

CHANGSHA, China, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SANY Engineering Vehicles Business Division, (“SANY Engineering Vehicles”) a department of SANY Group (“SANY”) focusing on the production of new energy vehicles, has unveiled its entire range of new products, injecting fresh energy into the new energy dump truck sector. The upgraded models aim to provide more intelligent features, higher efficiency, greater power output, lower environmental impact, and an enhanced driving experience.

Clients check out the new energy vehicles newly launched by SANY in its industrial park in Changsha.
Clients check out the new energy vehicles newly launched by SANY in its industrial park in Changsha.

The new dump trucks were showcased at the launch, tailored to specific sectors.

  • The Heavy-Duty 432 Dump Truck strengthened its chassis bearing capacity compared to its predecessor, with the heightened ability to operate in extreme working conditions.
  • The Hybrid 321 Dump Truck features a hybrid drive system that offers benefits for mining and quarry applications.
  • The Composite 416 Dump Truck has a composite body that is well-suited for use in urban environments. The composite body helps reduce weight, leading to lower energy consumption and operating costs.
  • The Hybrid 423 Dump Truck excels in mountainous regions, mining areas, and urban construction waste terrain.
  • The Medium-Sized Pure Electric 207 Dump Truck is optimized for use in urban environments.

Yu Hongfu, President of SANY Heavy Industry, emphasized their commitment to the national ‘Dual Carbon Strategy’ at the product launch, and stated the new products marked the first release since SANY Engineering Vehicles’ creation, covering hybrid, heavy-duty, and composite platforms.

With the increasing demand for new energy vehicles in municipal sanitation and construction engineering, SANY has invested heavily in the sector in recent years. In 2022, SANY invested over RMB 200 million, developing solutions for pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel, and traditional fuel vehicles.

By earning the number one spot in sales in 2022 and maintaining its leadership position for the first half of 2023, SANY Engineering Vehicles has demonstrated that it has the recognition and trust of customers due to its high-quality products and services.

SANY dedicated to providing innovative engineering transportation solutions that contribute to productivity and efficiency for its customers.The new product launch signifies an important step forward for SANY Engineering Vehicles, poised to stimulate further innovation within the industry and a technologically advanced future.

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