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SUNMI announced the EMV level 3 payment certifications

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SUNMI, a business digitization solutions provider, is pleased to announce the completion of our first two EMV level 3 payment certifications in the United States. 

The SUNMI POSRouter payment application running on our P-Series payment devices, is now certified with the popular Fiserv Rapid Connect and the TSYS Multipass platforms. The P-Series devices covered by these certifications include the P2 (T6900), P2 MINI (T5810), P2 PRO (T6920) and P2 SMARTPAD (TA10).

All SUNMI P-Series payment terminals run the same EMV Common Kernal which allows us to quickly introduce new payment devices and extend these new POSRouter certifications to new P-Series devices, such as the P2 LITE SE (T6810) product that will be released later this year.


Compared with other POS products in the market, SUNMI POSRouter integrates multiple payment channels, and considering the preferences and using habits of customers in different industries, SUNMI POSRouter provide more flexible choices. In addition, it is expandable. Customers can integrate the Payment capability in their products through the unified SDK provided by SUNMI.

SUNMI POSRouter payment application supports either Standalone operations, or Fully Integrated payment processing where the retailers Point-of-Sale (POS7) application and the SUNMI POSRouter Payment applications are running on the SUNMI P-Series device. 

We will soon be adding support for Semi-Integrated configurations where the POS application running on a separate POS device is isolated from the POSRouter payment application running on the SUNMI P-Series payment device, with device communication being over USB or TCP/IP. This configuration reduces the merchant’s PCI-DSS certification burden, by removing the POS terminal from the scope of this certification.

“With these new payment certifications, merchants in the United States can now take advantage of SUNMI’s industry leading, Android based, innovative P-Series product line, adding secure payment processing to their solutions”, said Zach Chang, General Manager of SUNMI North America. Please visit the SUNMI web-site at for further information on our P-Series hardware.

SUNMI, with its core value “altruism,” is an IoT company that leads the innovation of intelligent hardware for business. Founded in 2013, SUNMI provides a full range of intelligent hardware solutions based on Android’s operating system for commercial applications. SUNMI’s products and solutions have been successfully implemented in retail, F&B, Fintech, healthcare, services and other industries. It also sets sights on building an interconnected business world to finally achieve business 4.0.