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Taipei City Government’s StartUP@Taipei leading ten outstanding startup companies to Attend 2023 Techsauce Global Summit in Thailand

TAIPEI, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — StartUP@Taipei, Taipei City Government’s startup office, is thrilled to announce that they will be taking ten exceptional startup teams to participate in the prestigious Techsauce Global Summit in Thailand. This highly anticipated event will take place from August 16 to 17, during which these teams will proudly represent Taipei’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.

This year’s Techsauce Global Summit is expected to attract over 15,000 attendees, presenting an extraordinary networking and exposure opportunity. Each year, the event draws more than 300 exhibitors from various countries, including over 200 startups. With over 300 speakers gathered, the summit becomes a hub for resource exchange, fostering the growth of the startup industry. To date, The Summit has brought together more than 50,000 professionals from various industries and the startup community, all united in driving the development of the startup ecosystem.

Despite the challenging circumstances brought by the pandemic, Thailand’s startup industry still demonstrated remarkable progress and adaptability to the changes. The Thai startup ecosystem effectively leveraged the advantages of the broader environment, leading to a significant increase in the number of startups, from 102 in 2018 to over 1,000 in 2022. This substantial growth reflects the potential and vitality of the Thai market. Therefore, gaining an in-depth understanding of the Southeast Asian startup market is crucial for any startup team planning to expand overseas. By taking startups from Taipei to Southeast Asia and expanding into the Thai and Southeast Asian markets, this project aims to maximize the value of participating in this overseas exhibition.

In recent years, Taipei City government has been dedicated to supporting and nurturing excellent startups from Taipei, actively encouraging these teams to broaden their international perspectives. This year, StartUP@Taipei will lead ten outstanding startup teams to participate in the Techsauce Global Summit, actively seizing the opportunity in one of Southeast Asia’s most promising markets. This endeavor opens up abundant possibilities for Taipei in terms of cross-border partnerships and technological advancement. Through collaboration with Techsauce Global Summit, these ten leading startups will have numerous opportunities for exchanges and collaborations, with the ultimate goal of successfully facilitating Taiwanese startups’ entry and establishment in Thailand.

The ten startup representatives going to 2023 Techsauce Global Summit are as follow:

  1. 3drens – 3drens provides an instant TMS solution for SMB logistics providers, dramatically shortening setup time, offering tiered SaaS and HaaS solutions, and proactively integrating its TMS for future EV logistics needs
  2. Aiello – Aiello’s core technology is the development of natural language business models. They train open-source natural language models for specific commercial scenarios to provide all-in-one solutions. For example, their Aiello Voice Assistant, is designed for hotel service systems.
  3. Authme – Authme is a leading identity verification provider, leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies to help businesses verify the authenticity of identities in real-time.
  4. Crescendo Lab – Crescendo Lab offers an all-in-one LINE solution, enabling marketers to collect customer data and providing seamless communication for support and sales teams.
  5. Dent&Co – Dent&Co is a healthcare marketplace with a multi-channel, no-code chatbot based CRM system. They help healthcare professionals interact with both existing and potential patients online.
  6. Hao Wei Environmental Technology – Hao Wei Environmental Technology specializes in nanomaterials, gasoline and diesel additives, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and environmentally friendly new energy.
  7. IsCoolLab – IsCoolLab is the global one and only AI RPA software company that focuses on providing the innovative solution of smart process automation, specifically for manufacturing areas.
  8. JGB Smart Property – JGB Smart Property is the only cross-border rental management system in Taiwan. Through cloud-based automation systems, JGB strongly helps managers reduce tedious manual manpower and increase property management efficiency.
  9. Mechavision Inc. (Touché Solutions) – Mechavision (Touché Solutions) is the world’s leading robotic tactile solution provider. Their add-on safety T-Skin enables safe fenceless automation and industrial robot applications.
  10. Ocard – Ocard is a one-stop CRM and marketing SaaS solution designed specifically for offline businesses, integrating with Instant Messaging tools such as LINE, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc