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Theori unveils “Xint”, the automated vulnerability detection solution shaped by world-class hackers

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Theori, a fast-growing cybersecurity startup known for recently raising $15 million in pre-Series A financing, has announced the coming launch of its latest exposure management solution, Xint. Developed from an offensive attacker’s perspective, the platform unites penetration testing expertise from Theori’s world-class hackers into an accessible SaaS model.

Unlike traditional security risk management services, Xint distinguishes itself through its unique origins – hatched from the minds of seasoned hackers with a track record of identifying and mitigating security breaches, as well as winning more than 70 international hacking competitions.

Xint’s comprehensive suite of services offers companies an unmatched advantage in preemptive threat management. Its attack surface monitoring feature allows companies to effortlessly analyze operating assets. Additionally, Xint’s vulnerability scanning and management capability is not just another tool; it accurately identifies the vulnerabilities that are most relevant, guided by years of penetration testing experience.

Furthermore, Xint introduces breach and attack simulation services, wherein attack scenarios designed by Theori’s offensive security specialists conduct continuous infrastructure security checks. This feature provides ongoing assessment and guidance, akin to having an always-on consultant.

Set for an official Q4 launch this year, Theori is thrilled to announce a soft launch of Xint, a platform already stirring interest in the DevOps community. Companies keen to explore Xint’s game-changing capabilities can get a head start by joining the waitlist at the Xint website [].

“Theori embarked on a mission in 2016 to make the world a safer place through technology-driven strategies. Over the years, we’ve provided more than 160 security consulting projects to more than 100 companies, and realized there were significant recurring security challenges faced by companies of various scales and industries. With a commitment to overcoming these hurdles and democratizing advanced cybersecurity, we’re delighted to introduce Xint,” said Brian Pak, CEO of Theori.

Furthermore, Theori, as a joint team under the name MMM(Maple Mallard Magistrates) recently secured victory at DEF CON, the largest hacking conference and competition in the world. The Xint team also delivered an impressive presentation at DEF CON’s AppSec Village, sharing invaluable technology and cybersecurity insights underscoring Xint’s innovation.

About Theori:

Founded in 2016 by Carnegie Mellon University alumni Brian Sejoon Pak (CEO) and Andrew Wesie (CTO), Theori has been a trailblazer in the cybersecurity industry, with over 160 successful consulting projects with tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, and more. Based in Austin, Texas, and Seoul, South Korea, Theori provides automated cybersecurity solutions for both traditional and Web3 environments, as well as working to cultivate innovation within the cybersecurity field by training white hat hackers and promoting cybersecurity awareness.

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