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Tuya Receives Non-VID Scoped PAA Certification Authorization to Further Improve the Development Experience

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, announced that the Tuya Matter PAA keygen created in May has successfully passed both the Connectivity Standards Alliance (“the Alliance”) and independent MA groups’ reviews in July. This makes Tuya one of the few businesses in the world to offer both Full-stack Solutions for Matter and Matter Non-VID Scoped PAA certificates that are recognized by the Alliance. This also means that Tuya can assist the ecosystem’s more than 782,000 global developers in completing the Matter device security certification more quickly, easily, and affordably.

It’s important to note that the Tuya Matter PAA was created as an Alliance Authorized Certificate Authority under the direction of the Matter PKI Certificate Policy, which guarantees full compliance with Matter’s security standards for PAAs.

Matter is well-known to have strict standards for development, testing, and mass production of devices. In terms of device security, Matter standards mandate that before devices can be sold to the public, all Matter devices must have a Device Attestation Certificate (DAC) provided by a reputable PAA. This is a difficult task for IoT companies and traditional industrial organizations aiming to transform and improve through IoT, as the process is costly and requires handling by technical experts.

The Alliance guarantees a unique DAC for each qualified device through a roadmap from PAA to Product Attestation Intermediate (PAI) to DAC. The PAA comes in two varieties, VID-Scoped PAA, and Non VID-Scoped PAA.

Device manufacturers, brand owners, and other developers can decide whether to apply to become PAAs and have their certificates issued through the VID-Scoped PAA, or whether to work directly with a Non-VID-Scoped PAA company to complete the certification of their products.

However, for developers, the criteria for applying to become a PAA is high—any company running a PAA must be a member of, or a sufficient contributor to, the Alliance in good standing. On the other hand, obtaining a DAC requires a significant investment of time, manpower, and money, and is difficult to manage. Since the certification process can be slow or stalled, one might miss market opportunities during the process.

With the authorization as Non-VID-Scoped PAA, Tuya was able to circumvent the restriction that the VID-Scoped PAA can only sign PAI for one specific VID, which allows Tuya to sign PAI for any Vendor Identification (VID) obtained from the Alliance. Meanwhile, Tuya smoothly incorporates the process of PAA’s issuing of DACs into Tuya’s Full-stack Solutions for Matter based on its extensive experience of Matter application and IoT capabilities. When choosing Tuya to finish the development of Matter devices, developers need only to provide the VID applied from the Alliance. Then, they can complete the DAC authentication of their devices in real time during the development. Developers will not need to apply for PAA or even understand the specifics of PAA operation to enjoy the same smooth development experience of traditional smart devices.

Three Benefits to Lowering Developers’ Entry Barriers to the Matter Ecosystem

There are numerous benefits of using the PAA certification service supported by Tuya for Matter device development.

Firstly, Tuya can assist developers in managing and controlling the certification process, while also lowering the cost of Matter device certification. According to the Alliance’s official certification procedure, in order to certify a Matter product, a business must first pay at least U.S $7,000 as an annual Alliance membership fee. The laboratory testing charge for a product ranges from U.S. $7,000 to U.S. $10,000, and the certificate application fee ranges from U.S. $2,000 to U.S. $3,000, in addition to the membership fee.

Developers can avoid tedious testing procedures and application fees by using Tuya’s Matter product certificate to complete a transfer of the certification. They only have to pay for the transfer of certification of individual products and product listing fees instead of extensive annual fees and application fees. Additionally, developers can simply obtain low-cost and manageable device certification under their own brand, increasing consumer awareness of the manufacturer’s brand and products.

Secondly, Tuya can speed up market listing for products, and secure DAC issuance for large-scale devices in various categories. Tuya has successfully developed Matter PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), which has the capacity to offer developers large-scale DAC issuance, based on the PAA authorized by the Alliance. Tuya will support developers to complete the authentication of an enormous number of DAC certificates in a wide range of categories required by IoT devices, which will speed the process of large-scale product listing and sales to gain market share. Tuya can quickly complete the issuance of certificates for large-scale devices of multiple categories, and ensure the security of the issuance process through Hardware Security Machines, supporting the safe and secure issuance of DAC for developers’ large-scale devices.

Finally, Tuya offers full lifecycle management of PAA certification, freeing developers to concentrate on the development of innovative devices. Developers will generate key pairs locally prior to applying for DAC and PAI through Tuya by sending a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to the Tuya Cloud. In order to finish the issuance and writing of DAC, Tuya Cloud will first identify the production request for the Matter device, after which it will issue DAC to the device using the private key of PAI. The device will then burn and write PAI and DAC information into the device.

With Tuya, developers can implement a smart whole life cycle management of device certification, from certificate issuing to writing, increasing the speed and accuracy of certificate issuance and ensuring the security of certificate management. Developers can easily track the certificate issuance status, and cooperate with Tuya to promote the commercialization process of Matter devices.

Tuya’s Full-stack Solutions for Matter Promote the Common Use of Matter and Form a Better Ecosystem Cycle

Generally speaking, Tuya has increased its capacity to provide Full-stack Solutions for Matter with the authorization of Non-VID-Scoped PAA. When creating their own branded Matter devices, developers can not only quickly and easily obtain device DACs, but they can also complete the entire process of developing Matter devices—from development to certification to market launch—using Tuya’s Full-stack Solutions for Matter. This enables developers to seize market opportunities with low cost and high efficiency.

In terms of product categories, Tuya has obtained official certification for over 100 devices across four major categories: electricity, lighting, gateway, and sensors. Tuya’s hardware solutions cover a number of smart home categories, including light bulbs, strip lights, switches, gateways, plug-ins, and sensors. Tuya also currently has the largest number of Matter-certified products in the Chinese market, which can satisfy the diversified equipment needs of developers.

In terms of development capabilities, Tuya can assist developers in achieving autonomous and controllable Matter device development, giving developers more individualized options, including color temperature control for lighting products, scene mode settings, music, timing, and many other functions for various devices. And it can also help developers all-round to differentiate products, enhance brand power and market influence.

In addition, in realizing cross-protocol, cross-ecosystem interoperability, Tuya has introduced an exclusive gateway development framework that supports Matter bridging, which helps developers’ non-Matter devices to convert into Matter-enabled devices to achieve seamless interaction with Matter devices. Tuya has also actively deepened its cooperation with ecosystem partners, such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung, for instance, Tuya works closely with Amazon Alexa and carried out solutions that support Amazon’s MSS (Matter Simple Setup) technology. This particular solution can enable end-users to automatically identify Matter devices via Amazon Echo alone, without the need for an App or scanning codes.

Tuya, as a global IoT developer service platform, has used its experience and IoT strength in products, technology, and markets to solve the problems rising from long development chains, inconsistent standards, and stricter security compliance, to continue to bring more efficient, differentiated, autonomous, and controllable development experiences to global developers. Tuya will continue to serve developers in the future with more comprehensive and dependable Full-stack Solutions for Matter, to promote the wider application of Matter, and to aid the healthy development of the Matter ecosystem.