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Unisun Energy Group Completes Series C Financing: Led by Cathay Capital, with Increased Investment from Source Code Capital

SHANGHAI, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unisun Energy Group, a leading provider of industrial and commercial intelligent green power services, recently announced the successful completion of its Series C financing, which was led by the renowned investment firm Cathay Capital with increased investment from its existing shareholder Source Code Capital.

The proceeds from this financing will be utilized for developing and constructing power plants, R&D and manufacturing of integrated energy storage systems, and upgrades to intelligent operation and maintenance for Unisun Energy Group.

Since 2021, the industrial and commercial distributed energy industry has entered a period of policy and market certainty, becoming a crucial pathway for China’s pursuit of the ” carbon peaking and carbon neutrality ” goals. A decade ago, Unisun Energy took an early foothold in this field, creating a comprehensive energy service system encompassing development, investment, construction, energy storage, and operation and maintenance for industrial and commercial energy application scenarios. Consequently, Unisun Energy has emerged as one of China’s leading private companies with the most comprehensive business network, substantial asset operation scale, and strong technological innovation capabilities in the industrial and commercial distributed energy industry.

Zhao Jing, a partner at Cathay Capital, pointed out, “Distributed energy represents the future of the new energy industry, and Unisun Energy is a leading distributed energy service provider with a stellar reputation in the industrial and commercial PV market and significant potential for future growth.”

With the completion of several rounds of strategic financing, Unisun Energy Group has entered a new phase of fruitful collaboration between capital and industry. In addition to financial liquidity, the significant equity participation from Cathay Capital and Source Code Capital will also provide Unisun Energy with potential support in areas such as access to industrial resources and digital innovation.

He Yisha, Chairman of Unisun Energy Group, said, “We sincerely appreciate the strong recognition and unwavering support from Cathay Capital, as well as the continued trust and assistance from our shareholder, Source Code Capital. We will remain committed to its original mission and work towards developing digital, intelligent, and decentralized industrial and commercial green power solutions to create enduring long-term value.”