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Zendure’s SuperBase V: Revolutionary Power Solution Offers Resilience Amidst Intensifying Hurricane Season

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season has shown its might with a series of powerful storms, underscoring the fragility of traditional power grids. As coastal regions prepare for more potential hurricanes, Zendure presents SuperBase V, an energy storage system ensuring uninterrupted power even when conventional grids falter.

Recent updates indicate an alarming trajectory for this year’s hurricane season. Meteorologists from renowned institutions such as Colorado State University and AccuWeather have forecasted a total of 18 named storms by November, with a significant portion expected to reach hurricane strength.

The Atlantic Basin, already storm-stricken, anticipates a “borderline hyperactive” season due to warm ocean waters. In August, The National Weather Service confirmed more EF1 tornadoes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with winds reaching up to 95 mph, 0.9 miles in length, and 300 yards wide, causing significant damage, especially disrupting road access and power lines, leaving communities isolated and without electricity.

SuperBase V is a groundbreaking home energy storage system, designed to address these challenges. As the first home energy storage system with semi-solid state batteries, SuperBase V offers greater storage capacity and superior safety. With dual 120V/240V output and fast charging up to 6,600W, it ensures households remain powered even during extended outages.

The SuperBase V’s intelligent energy management system, combined with the Zendure app, empowers homeowners to monitor, manage, and customize their energy use efficiently. Its EV-grade semi-solid state batteries provide more energy per pound compared to traditional batteries and have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

One of the standout features of the SuperBase V is its customizable capacity. The base model offers a storage capacity of 6.4 kWh, but with additional units and Satellite Batteries, households can achieve a total capacity of 64kWh, enough to power a typical home for over a week.

Moreover, the SuperBase V’s high AC output ensures that households don’t have to compromise on their energy needs. A single unit can provide up to 3,800W of power, and by connecting two units, this output can be doubled to 7,600W.

In emergencies, such as during hurricanes, the SuperBase V’s fast charging capabilities come to the fore. Importantly, it ensures vital communication devices like radios, mobile phones, and internet routers remain operational, enabling crucial emergency coordination and minimizing life disruptions.

It can charge up to 5,150W on its own or 6,600W when connected to a Satellite Battery. Additionally, its solar charging capability, which allows it to charge up to 3,000W using solar power alone, ensures that households can harness solar power during prolonged power outages.

The SuperBase V is not just about power; it’s about mobility too. Its plug-and-play energy storage system features motorized rear wheels, ensuring they can be easily moved and positioned as needed.

Distinguishing features of SuperBase V:

  • Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage System
  • Intelligent Energy Management
  • EV-Grade Semi-Solid State Batteries
  • Customizable Capacity up to 64kWh
  • High AC Output up to 7,600W
  • Fast Charging up to 6,600W/3,000W using solar power alone
  • Easy mobility with motorized rear wheels
  • Versatility, including power independence, emergency backup, EV charging, outdoor life, and RV life
  • Zero-Downtime Online UPS
  • Dual Voltage of both 120V and 240V

In conclusion, as the threats of hurricanes and other natural disasters loom, the Zendure SuperBase V stands out as a beacon of hope. It is a testament to Zendure’s commitment to accelerating a sustainable future and envisioning a Clean EnergyTech platform that can help households navigate the challenges posed by an unpredictable climate.

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