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ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 2023: Sungrow’s One-Stop Energy Solution Lights Up The Emerging C&I Solar Market in Southeast Asia

BANGKOK, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system solution supplier, is unveiling its latest all-scenario energy solutions at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 2023. These solutions encompass utility-scale, commercial and industrial(C&I), and residential applications. Sungrow’s commitment to continuous technological innovation aims to enhance Southeast Asia’s energy security and promote a holistic diversification of its energy structure. And Sungrow signs strategic cooperation agreements with distributor MGS and PI to jointly help Thailand’s energy transition.

Fossil fuels currently dominate Southeast Asia’s energy landscape. Embracing renewable energy will be pivotal in decarbonizing the region. By 2025, ASEAN members are targeting renewables to constitute 23% of the primary energy supply, renewable energy capacity to reach 35%, and a 30% reduction in energy intensity ratio.

Sungrow presents an integrated solar-storage solution for utility-scale projects to expedite the energy transition

The utility-scale solar power sector in Southeast Asia has experienced substantial growth in recent years. Based on more than 26 years of practical experience, Sungrow has consistently refined its products and introduced the innovated PowerTitan liquid-cooled energy storage system. It offerings seamlessly integrate solar and renewable energy storage technologies, enhancing power generation efficiency. Its versatility, high safety, and ability to adapt to various complex environments have made it popular worldwide, and PowerTitan’s application in Thailand’s SPP Hybrid Project, the largest solar-storage power initiative, garnered high praise from customers. Moreover, a new game-changing stars “1+X” modular inverter will be launched in Southeast Asia to boost the local solar development.

Sungrow introduces an innovative, comprehensive C&I solution that mitigates the impacts of power outages.

Escalating electricity costs and energy storages are driving the adoption of solar power in industrial and commercial parks across Southeast Asia. Sungrow’s latest energy solutions for the C&I sector encompass inverters, energy storage systems, power optimizers, EV chargers, and the iSolarCloud platform. By providing an all-encompassing solution, these parks can harness clean energy and ensure a consistent power supply during outages. The upcoming version of the iSolarCloud platform empowers plant owners to manage their energy intelligently and effortlessly. This includes features such as one-click plant location, swift fault diagnosis, secure data storage, and customizable interfaces, enhancing operational control.

A notable introduction in Southeast Asia is the debut of the SP600S power optimizer. Tailored to meet Southeast Asia’s policy requisites and long-term plant benefits, the SP600S surpasses similar products due to its dual functionality of “optimization” and “shutdown”. This product, certified by TÜV Rheinland and CSA, has already found application in Thai enterprises.

Sungrow’s residential solutions are poised to meet the surging demand

Beyond policy support, Southeast Asia’s power infrastructure remains vulnerable, particularly in archipelagic nations characterized by off-grid grids, scattered island populations, and non-standardized overhead lines. Residential solar solutions contribute to steadying residential electricity consumption.

Sungrow’s residential solutions encompass hybrid inverters and batteries, catering to diverse family needs. Emphasizing solar energy safety at home, Sungrow has implemented comprehensive safeguards against lightning, fire, corrosion, and water damage. These measures ensure product functionality even in extreme environments. Moreover, features like noise reduction and seamless power switchover offer families the opportunity to enjoy clean electricity worry-free.

Michael Ruan, Director of Sungrow Southeast Asia, stated, “Southeast Asia is experiencing rapid renewable energy growth. Over the years, Sungrow has been deeply involved in this market and achieved several achievements in Southeast Asia, including delivering the largest solar-storage power plant in the region, rooftop projects for Toyota Boshoku Group, Intel, and Bosch factories, a 100 MW PV project in Malaysia, a 20MW PV project in Myanmar, among others. To continue facilitating the energy transition in this region, Sungrow remains committed to technological innovations, providing leading products and professional services, and continuing to work with partners to increase the proportion of clean energy in the region’s energy mix and ensure sustainable electricity consumption.”

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