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British Skincare Brand ZELENS Hosts First Brand Ceremony in China, Setting The Standards in Skincare Excellence

CHANGSHA, China, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 7th, ZELENS, a pioneering British skincare brand renowned for its cutting-edge scientific approach, successfully held its first brand ceremony in China. The ceremony took place in Changsha, a city that recognizing as one of China’s emerging “internet-famous” cities. Changsha boasts a significant population of emerging consumers who seek higher levels of happiness and a superior quality of life. This vibrant and emblematic New tier-1 city provides ZELENS with an exceptional opportunity to connect China’s emerging consumer groups who pursue fashion and quality. Moreover, Changsha’s also recognized as “The Capital of Media Arts”, combined with its influence across new media, e-commerce live streaming, and short video, has enriched the brand’s development by offering abundant resources and opportunities.

Dr. Marko Lens, The Founder of ZELENS, shared ZELENS’s founding principles and core philosophy of the brand
Dr. Marko Lens, The Founder of ZELENS, shared ZELENS’s founding principles and core philosophy of the brand

The ceremony, with the theme “AS THE SCIENCE EVOLVES, SO DO WE,” was a significant milestone for ZELENS as it continues to strengthen its brand identity in China. The event also showcased ZELENS’ comprehensive re-branding accomplishments from the previous three years, starting a new chapter for the brand. Just as the brand proudly proclaims, “We never rest on our laurels, constantly reformulating to stay at the forefront of skin science.” 

Founded by the internationally recognized as a global authority on skin ageing and skin cancer, Dr. Marko Lens, ZELENS has redefined skincare with its innovative approach. Dr. Lens, a Harvard and Oxford-educated medical professional with nearly two decades of clinical experience, established ZELENS with a mission to scientifically care for the skin. The brand embodies the culmination of years of skin science research, merging cutting-edge biotechnology with the power of natural botanicals to achieve truly effective skincare.

At the ceremony, Dr. Lens took the stage to revisit the founding principles and core philosophy of the brand. He emphasized the ZELENS’ three core principles which have been followed constantly throughout the brand’s research and development: hybrid skincare rooted in biotechnology, carefully engineered, and always transparent with clinically proven results. 

Also at the event, ZELENS introduced its latest sunscreen product, the ZELENS Daily Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 / SPF 50, for the first time on the Chinese market. Its extensive improvement in product formulas, which involved a two-year process. These newly enhanced formulas reflect a more advanced and efficient skincare technology, embodying a new era of skincare concepts. This groundbreaking product boasts six-fold sun protection, eight antioxidant essences, and six reparative elixirs – a unique “repairing” sunscreen that addresses hidden light damage. The upgraded formulation signifies a leap in skincare technology, underlining a new era in skincare.

Chinese skincare influencer Kenjijoel, as one of the brand’s loyal users, was also invited to the event to share his thoughts on ZELENS’ products. Kenjijoel took the spotlight to explain how he includes ZELENS’ popular products in his daily skincare routine in various situations. To further amplify the voices of users and provide a third-party perspective, a guest speaker from a leading beauty review platform in China joined the stage. This speaker presented a trend report on the base makeup category, offering valuable insights into the principles of base makeup skincare, market demands, and emerging trends.

ZELENS Enters New Chapter in China with Remarkable Growth

Since the partnership’s inception in November 2019, the collaborative efforts between ZELENS and their Chinese partner, S’Young International, has led to remarkable achievements. For example, the brand’s online visibility has surged by 70%, and the operations on major e-commerce platforms, including Tmall International, and Douyin, have stabilized.

Notably, ZELENS’ best-selling products, such as the ZELENS Age Comfort Foundation, saw an impressive 150% growth in market share, successfully reaching over 800 million Chinese consumers. The Age Comfort Foundation has also soared to the top sellers of imported foundation sales charts on various platforms.

The ZELENS brand ceremony not only celebrated its achievements but also solidified its partnership with S’Young International to bolster ZELENS’ brand presence, product marketing and sales in the Chinese market. The event reinforced ZELENS’ dedication to providing scientifically advanced skincare solutions as it continues to revolutionize skincare solutions and elevate its global presence.