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DRY STUDIO Launches Black Diamond 75 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Low-Latency 2.4G and Leaf Spring Mount

TOKYO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DRY STUDIO, a startup consumer technology brand that aims to bring advanced niche designs to global users at an approachable price, is releasing its first product with the Indiegogo launch of the new Black Diamond 75. As the world’s first mechanical gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount, the Black Diamond 75 will bring a striking balance between esports capability and typing experience to the masses, with features such as low-latency 2.4G and an ID design inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador “Black Diamond”. The Base Bundle is priced at 240 USD, and the Advance Bundle is priced at 295 USD. Early customers can get 15% off by taking advantage of the 48 hours Indiegogo Early Bird discounts.

DRY STUDIO Black Diamond 75 is the world's first gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount.
DRY STUDIO Black Diamond 75 is the world’s first gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount.

Black Diamond 75 design philosophy

Placing emphasis on creating a keyboard with a unique and fierce shape, the Black Diamond 75 takes its inspiration from the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador – the MANSORY Carbonado – also known as the “Black Diamond”. A combination of real carbon fiber (Carbon) or anodized silver aluminum (Mithril) and hand-polished PMMA acrylic with increased hardness are used to realize stunning supercar aesthetics while providing durability that users have come to expect from mechanical gaming keyboards.

With the built-in wrist rest and 7-degree typing angle, users are guaranteed to enjoy maximum typing comfort.

Esports-Level 2.4G: end-to-end latency of less than 2ms

Positioning itself as a esports-level mechanical gaming keyboard, Black Diamond 75 goes all-in when it comes to latency. With Black Diamond 75 tri-mode wireless connectivity, users can enjoy an ultra-low end-to-end latency of less than 2ms when connected through 2.4G, as well as Bluetooth 5.1 and USB Type-C wired connections. Black Diamond 75 manages a 2000Hz scan rate and 1000Hz polling rate under 2.4G.

Thanks to the large 5000mAh battery, Black Diamond 75 provides 60 days of battery life in 2.4G mode with 8 hours of daily use and RGB disabled. Wireless charging powered by Angry Miao is also available with the Advance variant to provide users with a true wireless experience.

Leaf spring mount

The Black Diamond 75 is the world’s first gaming keyboard with leaf spring mount. With the leaf spring mount, a comfortable amount of flex is added to the typing experience of the keyboard. Angry Miao provides stainless steel leaf springs with the Carbon colorway to complement its maximum esports performance use case, and phosphorus copper leaf springs with the Mithril colorway for its daily use, combined with gaming use case.

Repeated research has also led to addition of a 1.6mm hotswap PCB, FR4 plate, IXPE switch pad, Poron foam and a thickened honeycomb silicone pad, improving sound quality and enabling a typing experience unparalleled for gaming keyboards.


In terms of customizability, Black Diamond 75 features all that users expect from a mechanical keyboard. Users can freely replace the switches and stabilizers, as well as the keycaps. For the best out-of-the-box user experience, DRY STUDIO includes double shot PBT keycaps that are comfortable to the touch, and DR Rapid Ice (Carbon) or KTT Wine Red (Mithril) switches to match each colorway’s respective use case.

Custom RGB in the form of an advanced RGB lighting system powered by Angry Miao provides additional customization possibilities to users. The 81 configurable in-switch LEDs and for Advance four additional programmable RGB LEDs in the shape of dual supercar headlights are a striking addition to the Black Diamond 75’s unique and fierce shape. Users can customize the RGB effects through AM Master on Windows and macOS.

DR Rapid Ice switches

DRY STUDIO x Gateron co-developed custom esports switches “DR Rapid Ice” make their debut with the Black Diamond 75 Carbon Bundle. DR Rapid Ice switches feature 1.0mm actuation travel for ultra-fast response, high precision and minimum vibration. The actuation force is 40gf and the bottom-out force is 45gf.

DR Rapid Ice uses high quality alloy contact points and has a lifespan of more than 80 million actuations. To ensure maximum consistency, DR Rapid Ice switches are factory lubed. DR Rapid Ice switches are available on Indiegogo starting today, with a price of 12 USD for 35pcs and 30 USD for 90 pcs.

KTT Wine Red switches are provided with the Mithril Bundle, which is an ideal balance between gaming and daily use. Users can replace Mithril’s switches with DR Rapid Ice switches if desired.


DRY STUDIO was established in Tokyo by Angry Miao product designer Stan Fu, aiming to bring advanced niche designs to global users at an approachable price.

Powered by Angry Miao’s technology and expertise, DRY STUDIO is ready to break the status quo, adding a unique flavor to otherwise “dry” single-brand designs.

Designers around the globe are welcome to collaborate and make truly excellent works reality. Black Diamond 75 was co-designed with creator FARSOUL and marks the debut of DRY STUDIO.