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FranklinWH to Add aHub to its Franklin Home Power Solution

The aHub enables the integration of electric vehicles as energy sources, and enhances compatibility with generators, extending backup time

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc. (FranklinWH), a leader in whole-home energy management, has announced the addition of the aHub to its Franklin Home Power Solution. This first-of-its-kind adapter enables the connection of electric vehicles (EVs) that boast vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities and 120V/240V portable generators to FranklinWH’s home energy management system. Should a home be impacted by a grid outage, the Franklin Home Power Solution can leverage energy from more sources in addition to what’s stored in its aPower batteries to keep a home running for as long as possible, reducing anxiety for homeowners during emergency situations.

FranklinWH to Add aHub to its Franklin Home Power Solution
FranklinWH to Add aHub to its Franklin Home Power Solution

The innovation behind aHub demonstrates FranklinWH’s commitment to providing consumers with technologies that make their homes safer by helping them achieve new levels of energy freedom. aHub works with EVs with V2L to add those vehicles as another potential power source in an extended outage. By working with portable generators, aHub provides a cost-effective alternative to relying on standby generators. When accounting for purchase price and installation costs, using aHub with a portable generator instead of a standby generator reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50% to 70%.

“Whether due to extreme weather events, issues within our aging power grid or unknown reasons, power outages create a lot of anxiety for homeowners across the country,” said Gary Lam, Co-Founder of FranklinWH. “With aHub, homeowners will have more choices on how to power their homes, so they do not have to suffer during extended outages. It’s yet another way we are enabling homeowners to take more control over their energy future.”

For installers, aHub adheres to the principles FranklinWH establishes across all its solutions – easy to install, easy to commission and agnostic to all power sources. It effectively reduces the installer’s concerns about matching the model of generator or EV.

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