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GRL Is Participating in THE GREEN EXPO® 2023 And INTERSOLAR MEXICO – Mexico City, 2023

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — THE GREEN EXPO® and CONIECO’s International Environmental Congress are celebrating 30 editions from September 5 to 7, 2023, simultaneously with the 7th edition of AQUATECH Mexico and the fourth edition of Intersolar Mexico. GRL is honored to introduce ourselves as an exhibitor to our peers and technicians from around the world, while sharing our latest solutions and quality products.

About The Exhibition in Mexico

In its 30th anniversary year, THE GREEN EXPO® brings together major international brands to showcase their state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions in the fields of environmental, clean and renewable energy. The other three exhibitions associated with it are:

AQUATECH MEXICO presents innovative solutions and treatments for the water sector, incorporating the latest technologies around. INTERSOLAR MEXICO is the reference point to learn about the top technological trends for the solar industry: Solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy and energy storage. Mexico WindPower® showcases technologies for wind energy generation and maintenance.

These events are fundamental to advance in the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More than 200 exhibiting companies, from 15 countries, 6 international pavilions with solutions and technologies on the exhibition floor. The co-located events are the largest gathering of professionals in Mexico for international manufacturers and distributors looking to meet regional buyers in the fields of solar, renewable energy and cleantech. 300+ exhibitors and 11,000 visitors from over 35 countries are expected to participate. GRL is honored to be an exhibitor at this exciting event.

GRL: A Leading Electrical Manufacturing Brand

GRL started its growth path in 1992 when its fuse-type disconnect switches were widely welcomed by the market, and over the past 30 years, GRL has built up a professional team of more than 300 people, who not only have the ability of product design, R&D, production, manufacturing, and global sales, but also have jumped to become China’s leading electrical manufacturing brand.

As a ‘National High-Tech Enterprise‘ in China, GRL has passed the system certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS180001, and has more than 200 international certificates and 80 product patents. At this moment, more than one thousand projects are using GRL’s solutions around the world, and our products are being chosen by customers from all over the world. 2022, along with the new factory building coming into use, the new office space with a floor area of more than 27,000 square meters has allowed GRL to further enhance its capabilities in manufacturing, delivery and after-sales services.

Exciting and High-Quality Electrical Products

GRL’s main products include fuse switch disconnector, fuse holder, isolator switch, low-voltage disconnector switch, fuse link, knife switch, busbar system, ATS etc. Along with the rise of various new energy products in the global market, GRL noticed that the new energy market represented by solar energy needs more high-quality electrical products. Because of this, over the years, we have insisted on innovation, and our team of engineers has invested a great deal of time and resources in developing niche products and solutions for photovoltaic applications. As a result of our relentless efforts, more and more GRL products are recognized and widely welcomed by the market.

Fuse Switch Disconnector – Combining isolation and short circuit protection in a single device, with ratings up to 630A. With both isolation and short circuit protection combined, GRL’s fuse switch disconnectors provide a space-saving and cost-effective option for electrical distribution.

Fuse Holder – Wide range available to suit fuses from 32A up to 630A, ensuring optimal performance and safety. GRL’s fuse holders cover a wide range of ratings, designed specifically for use with corresponding NH fuses for reliable protection across various applications.

Isolator Switch – From 400A to 3000A models rated up to 35kV, for safe and reliable isolation of electrical circuits. With high insulation ratings and robust mechanical interlocks, GRL isolator switches enable safe isolation of high-voltage circuits in utility and industrial settings.

Low-Voltage Disconnector Switch – Visible break designs from 16A up to 1600A, for use in LV electrical panels and distribution boards. With quick make/break mechanisms and clear open/closed position indication, GRL’s LV disconnector switches ensure safe operation in residential and commercial panels.

Fuse Link – Wide range of fuse link ratings from 1A to 630A, providing overload and short circuit protection for electrical circuits. GRL’s fuse links cover a broad range of applications, providing reliable and cost-effective protection against overloads and faults.

Knife Switch – Heavy duty disconnect switches from 16A to 1600A, designed for robust performance in harsh environments. With high strength materials and a fully shrouded design, GRL’s industrial knife switches provide durable and safe electrical disconnection.

Busbar System – Custom busbars, supports and accessories rated up to 6300A, for efficient power distribution. GRL’s busbar systems offer customizable configurations to optimize space and efficiency in switchboards and distribution panels.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) – Automatic transfer of loads to backup supply during power outages, for critical process continuity. GRL’s ATS switches provide automatic power switching to backup sources, ensuring continuous supply for vital applications and processes.

These high-quality products for global customers are used in a wide range of applications, such as agricultural irrigation systems, box-type substations, automotive manufacturing, industrial furnaces, and more. It is worth mentioning that GRL’s electrical connection system is based on non-porous connection technology, and the developed electrical connection products can also be used in buildings, industrial control, power grids and many other scenarios, which not only provides a safer closed system, but also facilitates the maintenance and repair, which can improve the safety and efficiency.

For the PV market, GRL has launched a range of products like DNPVF1 series to ensure smooth operation of the PV system. Currently, GRL has developed several series of products for the PV market that have been running smoothly for many years and have been well received by the market. This is also the confidence of GRL to participate in this exhibition.

Impressive quality service

In the early days of the business, GRL was established in the electrical field as an OEM manufacturer. With excellent product quality and good service, GRL was finally recognized by the market. And then, we have continuously introduced senior experts and various talents, upgraded production lines, and spent a huge amount of money on new equipment and plants in order to continuously improve the quality of our products and work efficiency.

Today, GRL has established a perfect service system, including our own brand (GRL) series of products and after-sales service, OEM service, global distributor network system and profit-sharing projects, etc. We are confident to support global customers to identify raw materials traceability and buyers to trace quality, in order to let customers can be assured that they can buy and use our products.

Not only that, GRL also has a secret weapon: a team of experts. The engineers in the team are strong and innovative, and are able to provide customized development services according to the different needs of our clients, which means that you can use GRL to get a better fit for your usage scenarios!

We can provide factory inspection service, OEM service as well as product customization and design and development service according to customers’ needs. Contact us if you need free samples.

Welcome to an electrical world with GRL

Since its foundation, GRL has implemented strict supply chain management principles, choosing to work with quality suppliers and using excellent raw materials to ensure the quality of its products.

Every year, GRL insists on innovation and invests a lot of resources in research and development. A team of professional engineers is the guarantee of the excellent quality of GRL’s products. From raw materials to production processes, from quality control to packaging, GRL treats every manufacturing process with care to ensure that its products can meet customers’ needs in terms of performance and quality.

The name GRL is still new to many of our customers, so we traveled all the way to Mexico City to stand in front of you and let you see the GRL brand, the professionalism of our smiling team, and the quality of our products that have been tested and proven in the marketplace. We believe that in the near future, GRL’s electrical products will shine in the new energy market – just as we have done before. All you have to do is choose GRL products as the cornerstone of your project.

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