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ICBR 2023: Jereh Offers Direction on Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

VALENCIA, Spain, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (“Jereh Enviro” or “the company”), an innovative environmental protection technology provider, showcased its cutting-edge solutions for Lithium-ion Battery recycling at ICBR 2023.

Jereh at ICBR 2023
Jereh at ICBR 2023

With the demand for lithium-ion batteries continuing to grow across various sectors including electric vehicles, consumer electronics, etc., operators are beginning to extract valuable metals from used batteries for new battery manufacturing. According to Global Forecast to 2031, lithium-ion battery recycling market is projected to experience significant growth, reaching USD 35.1 billion by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.6% during that period.

With an effective battery recycling process, the materials involved can enter a closed loop to help address the supply shortage in sustainably-sourced battery metals. However, the high cost of recycling and dearth of recycling technologies have limited the expansion of this market. Lithium-ion batteries are constructed from various materials. And separating those materials is a primary challenge. 

Aiming to address the issues of inadequate sorting efficacy and low recovery rate of battery powder in existing technologies, Jereh has developed new lithium-ion battery recycling equipment that enhances the recycling efficiency of lithium phosphate batteries, ternary batteries, and others with a recovery rate of 98%. The system includes sealing, crushing, low temperature volatilization, comprehensive separation, pyrolysis technology, two-stage depulverization, screening, and tail gas treatmentto achieve efficient separation from charged cell to diaphragm, shell, pole, copper, aluminum and black powder. Currently, it has been applied to international projects such as CATL, Huayou Cobalt and TES Australia.

With the new EU Battery Regulation officially enforced on August 17, it puts forward clear requirements on carbon footprint, battery recycling, recycled material use, due diligence and many other sustainable development topics. These are strict requirements for lithium-ion battery recycling within the production process. By adopting Jereh’s battery recycling equipment, the fluorine-containing organic gas from crushing, volatilization and pyrolysis, as well as the dust-containing gas from transportation, depowdering and screening meets the EU emission standards after treatment.

About Jereh Enviro

Jereh Enviro focuses on lithium-ion battery recycling, step utilization of end-of-use batteries, waste photovoltaic module recycling with different cooperation modes including complete sets of equipment supply, consulting, EPC, etc. For more about lithium-ion battery recycling, please visit or visit Jereh at Li-ion Battery Europe 2023 on October 29-31.