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Jereh Announces Successful Completion of Rigorous Field Trial of its Electric Fracturing Unit

HOUSTON, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jereh announces the successful completion of a rigorous field trial of its IntelliFrac – electric fracturing unit. This cutting-edge hydraulic fracturing technology represents a significant leap forward in addressing the industry’s growing demand for cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective operations.

The field trial, conducted in one of the most prominent US shale regions starting in May 2023, put the IntelliFrac to the ultimate test. The unit performed seamlessly across numerous pads, accumulating over 1200 operating hours, demonstrating its durability and reliability, even in the harshest field conditions.

Jereh’s control and data acquisition software, provided real-time monitoring and precise control over the fracturing process. Ensuring optimal performance and the highest levels of operational safety throughout the field trial.

The IntelliFrac can operate on a variety of electrical sources, including gas turbine power generators and reciprocating gas engines. When paired with grid power, it produces zero emissions, making it a versatile and environmentally conscious solution.

This successful field trial of the IntelliFrac marks a major milestone in the pursuit of a cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective operations in the oil and gas industry. It demonstrates Jereh’s commitment to developing innovative technologies to resolve the pains and challenges that the industry is faced with, and that not only meet the industry’s operational requirements, but also safeguards the environment.