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LBank Launchpad’s Next Big Thing: Is $UMM the Second Chance after $PINS

TAIPEI, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LBank is back in the spotlight with its second Launchpad project, MetaExpand, represented by its token, $UMM. The token $UMM will be distributed after the Launchpad ends on the 28th of this month and will be listed on LBank on the 29th. This prompts a pertinent question for crypto-enthusiasts: Amidst a bear market, does $UMM present another golden opportunity.

$PINS: The Meteoric Inaugural Launchpad

The PINs Network token took the market by storm, multiplying its valuation post its introduction on LBank’s Launchpad. Such stellar performance, especially in challenging market conditions, is nothing short of enticing.

Complementing its financial success, PINs has carved a genuine niche in the social sphere. Boasting a following of 14.1K on its official Twitter and achieving up to 50K views on its posts, it’s evident that PINs’ rise transcends mere speculative hype.

LBank’s Strategic Resurgence

LBank’s pivotal role in orchestrating such success is undeniable. As the fulcrum of the PINS Launchpad, it was instrumental in steering the upward trajectory of PINS.

Despite bearish market undercurrents, LBank has showcased resilient growth. It captured a 4.6% market slice in H1 this year and clinched a 5th spot in CMC’s spot trading volume report. LBank’s astute maneuvers in the MEME coin arena have further solidified its market standing. Its discerning approach in curating quality MEME coin offerings has enhanced its industry reputation.

$UMM: Poised for Unicorn Status

With the legacy of $PINS looming large, does $UMM present the next unmissable proposition? Representing the Universal Metaverse Expansion Protocol, $UMM aims to architect a robust bridge connecting public chains and metaverse applications, broadening the horizons of metaverse capabilities.

MetaExpand’s Distinctive Edge:

  • Cross-Chain Proficiency: Seamless integrations across a multitude of mainstream public chains.
  • Robust Privacy: Harnesses zero-knowledge proofs, fortifying data privacy.
  • Sharding & Mesh Networks: Distributes computational and storage resources adeptly across a multi-chain ecosystem.
  • Optimized Consensus Algorithm: Ensures unwavering network integrity.
  • Tokenomics of UMM:
  • Core Utility: Encompasses fee processing, decentralized governance, and staking.

Allocation Dynamics:

  • Ecosystem Incentives: 72% , according to the entire network Yuanuniverse ecology.
  • External Ecosystem Collaboration: 10%.
  • Team Commitment: 8% , unlocked every 10 years, released every 6 months.
  • Financial Reserves: 10% , unlocked every 10 years, released every 6 months.

In this Launchpad iteration, a mere 1% of the token supply is up for grabs at an exchange rate of 1 UMM = 0.1 USDT, offering a reassuring threshold against market volatility.

In-game Integration with Jurassic Virus:

Jurassic Virus, MetaExpand’s flagship all-chain game, deeply integrates MetaExpand’s tech capabilities. Players can immerse in an evolving Jurassic era and explore the world of 2050. The in-game currency is “culture,” solely obtainable through staking UMM. Although “culture” derives from UMM, its initial issuance can only be utilized in-game. Only winnings can be directly converted to UMM.

From a fundamental perspective, participating in $UMM seems very secure. Given that Launchpads are traditionally generous to users, LBank’s current Launchpad might be worth a careful look. Ultimately, it’s imperative for investors to study, understand, and judiciously assess the risks and rewards of any investment opportunity. Make decisions with comprehensive information and seek professional advice.