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LBank’s PINs IEO Achieves Over 400% Gain in the First Half Hour

TAIPEI, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Data extracted from CoinMarketCap painted a compelling picture of PINS’ trading journey. It started trading at $0.0005 on September 1 and quickly rose to $0.0025 within half an hour, an impressive 4X increase from its IEO valuation. In this IEO on LBank, a total of 34,587 participants took part, with a combined investment of 51,556,343 USDT.

IEO Pricing Details: On September 1st, LBank introduced a subscription quota to ensure fair participation for each participant. At the same time, this IEO has a hard cap, those who reached the maximum allowed subscription would have invested an estimated value of $1000 in USDT.

IEO Mechanics: LBank meticulously designed the structure of the PINs IEO. Over a 30-day period, LBank diligently monitored user balances across Spot, Futures, and Earn accounts. Investment quotas were determined based on this 30-day average. Furthermore, to qualify for the IEO, users were required to execute at least one trade on LBank within this period. The primary objective of the PINs IEO rules was to provide active and asset-holding users with the prime opportunity to participate.

Behind the IEO: What Sets PINS Apart? Through its IEO on LBank, PINS offers an innovative blend of content-driven social networking and GameFi mechanics. Capitalizing on the recent GameFi wave and the rising trend in social platforms, PINS is poised to establish itself as a noteworthy player. Users can experience PINS firsthand by downloading the app. Engage in adopting and nurturing your very own Noki, whose existence depends on Twitter interactions. It’s a captivating and unique mechanism.

The opening performance of this PINs IEO has been remarkably strong, delivering substantial returns for risk-taking investors.