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MetaExpand Launchpad on LBank Ends with 52,186,338 USDT in Investment, Attracts Substantial Interest; UMM to be Listed on LBank

TAIPEI, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LBank recently concluded its Launchpad for MetaExpand, securing a total investment of 52,186,338 USDT from 35,229 participants. $UMM will be listed on LBank and open for trading on September 29th at 6 AM(UTC).

This event was highly anticipated, following the immense success of the previous $PINS Launchpad, which garnered a substantial total investment of 51,556,343 USDT and experienced a 2003% increase in value. $PINS’s success yielded significant returns for its 34,587 participants.

This year, LBank has emerged as a pivotal player in the cryptocurrency market, earning a prominent position in spot trading volume and establishing a noteworthy presence in various cryptocurrency sectors, including the MEME coin sector, according to the latest market data. LBank persists in offering its over 9 million global users specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and a secure trading environment, fostering global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The participation rules for $UMM, like $PINS, were meticulously crafted, focusing on a user’s daily average holdings of mainstream coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, and LBK. User balances across Spot, Futures, and Earn accounts were closely monitored over a specified period, and investment quotas were established based on this average. Additionally, to be eligible, users were required to complete at least one trade on LBank within the designated timeframe. These well-thought-out rules have been instrumental in elevating platform activity, including spot holdings, contract positions, earn account balances, and transaction volumes.

A spokesperson for LBank remarked, “We’ve experienced overwhelming engagement and support from our user community, especially following the success of our $PINS Launchpad, which brought substantial returns for the participants. The rules for the $UMM Launchpad were strategically designed to prioritize our active and asset-holding users, building on the lessons learned and successes experienced during the $PINS Launchpad. We are sincerely grateful for such vibrant participation and are excitedly anticipating the upcoming $UMM listing along with other exhilarating developments.”

The listing details for $UMM are as follows:

– Token Distribution Time: 28th Sep, 1 PM(UTC)
– Trading Time: 29th Sep, 6 AM(UTC)
– Withdrawal Time: 2nd Oct, 6 AM(UTC)

Please refer to the official link for details: 

MetaExpand($UMM) is a universal metaverse expansion protocol, designed to bridge the technical gap between public chains and metaverse applications. It serves as a foundational infrastructure of the metaverse ecosystem, enabling the development of applications that are significantly user-friendly, and technologically advanced, accommodating features such as storage, communication, privacy, cross-chain capabilities, and transactions. MetaExpand’s aim is to allow developers to focus more on application development rather than the intricate details of underlying blockchain technology.