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SUNMI launches all-in-one commercial use tablet for businesses

SHANGHAI, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SUNMI, a leading IoT company, has launched its first 3rd generation product, the MIX series, the all-in-one enterprise tablet.

SUNMI V3 MIX & P3 MIX, the all-in-one enterprise tablet.
SUNMI V3 MIX & P3 MIX, the all-in-one enterprise tablet.

The MIX series, including the flagship V3 MIX and P3 MIX models, designed for businesses to receive orders, scan items, process payments and print bills on a single tablet. The tablet can be used as either a mobile device or desktop with a specially designed, rotatable cradle, making it a versatile solution for a variety of business scenarios including restaurants, retailers and boutique stores.

With a large 10-inch high-resolution display, users can enjoy accurate color reproduction and a wide viewing angle. The built-in high-speed thermal printer, which supports both 58mm and 80mm paper rolls, eliminates the need for separate tablets and printers for in-store payments, providing businesses with a one-stop solution that significantly reduces the cashiering time and increases payment efficiency.

Incorporate into SoftPOS for businesses, V3 MIX supports a variety of payment methods, such as contactless, chip and PIN, magnetic stripe, QR/code payment and mobile payment. The P3 MIX model also accepts bankcard payment.

To ensure strong performance, the device, based on the latest Android 13 system, is powered by a Qualcomm hexa-core processor and equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. SUNMI’s platform solutions supported via the DMP (Device Management Platform) enhance terminal capabilities. With remote key injection, merchants can receive remote assistance to solve problems in real-time, improving customer experience and greatly reducing operating costs.

SUNMI’s MIX series provides businesses with a comprehensive all-in-one solution that not only streamlines operations but also enhances customer experiences. At restaurants, the MIX series allows customers to browse menus and place orders directly from their tables using the smart device, resulting in faster service and a more satisfying dining experience. At drive-thru, customers can order and pay using the tablet, increasing speed and overall satisfaction. For retailers, the compact MIX tablet comes equipped with a high-resolution scanner, making it easy to scan product barcodes or QR codes, and record and update inventory data, including quantity, location and other relevant information. At boutique stores, the device can facilitate one-on-one services.

SUNMI is an IoT company that leads the innovation of intelligent hardware for business. Founded in 2013, SUNMI provides a full range of intelligent hardware solutions based on Android’s operating system for commercial applications.