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Tencent Cloud Highlights Collaborative Global Expansion with Digital Ecological Partners at Tencent Cloud Digital Ecosystem Summit 2023 Global Connect Session

Tencent Cloud joins forces with digital ecological partners to drive global industrial intelligence, accelerating its internationalization strategy 

HONG KONG, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Tencent Cloud Global Connect Session of the Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit 2023, Tencent Cloud showcased its achievements in overseas strategy to partners from both domestic and international markets. They shared digital solutions for vertical industries in overseas business operations, as well as best practices in sectors such as e-commerce, finance, and entertainment. These insights provided valuable references for global enterprises undergoing digital transformation.

Bluefin Zhao, Managing Director of Tencent Cloud International, said, “Improving user experience with advanced technology and products has always been the original intention of Tencent Cloud’s expansion overseas since 2016. As an explorer of cutting-edge technology and a pioneer of many cloud products, Tencent Cloud always stays true to its mission throughout its overseas journey. Our extensive experience in developing and adopting AI technologies has already benefited numerous business areas including cloud computing, underlining our dedication to be the global leading cloud platform, driving AI-enabled digital transformation. With solutions, born from gaming, social and media services, we have taken on new chapters to servicing all industries with end-to-end capabilities from cloud-native app, data & analytics, AI and machine learning, and industrial IoT, among others. Together with stakeholders across the globe, we strive to establish a mutually beneficial and interconnected digital ecosystem.”

Fred Sun, General Manager of Strategy, Tencent Cloud International, said, “Leveraging our continuously evolving technological capabilities, Tencent Cloud’s business has expanded to cover major regions such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, providing solutions for various industries including the internet, media and entertainment, finance, culture and tourism, automotive, and retail. In the first half of 2023, Tencent Cloud’s international business maintained double-digit growth overall, with revenue driven by overseas partners increasing by 66% year on year.”

Solid, Reliable Tech Support for Diverse Global Industry

In the current landscape, digital technology has become a vital pathway to enhance global economic vitality. In this context, Tencent Cloud’s global solutions have emerged, accelerating the pace of digital transformation and intelligent development across industries. These solutions bring new opportunities for enterprises and have already been implemented through a series of benchmark cases worldwide.

Daniel Zheng, Head of Overseas Solution Architecture at Tencent Cloud, said, “Tencent Cloud’s global solutions encompass infrastructure layout at the IaaS layer, including computing, networking and storage, a diverse range of technologies and product services at the PaaS layer, and rich application tools and solutions at the SaaS layer. They provide crucial support for various fields such as entertainment, e-commerce, AIGC, and immersive innovation.”

For example, Tencent Cloud offers an immersive innovation solution that includes virtual reality, live action, and entirely virtual scenarios. By utilizing cloud rendering, motion capture, and spatial capture technologies, this solution enables immersive innovation from “reality” to “virtual.” Applications such as scenic spot marketing, AR games, face customization, media broadcasting studios, and e-commerce live streaming with product demonstrations can be achieved through virtual live rooms, spatial tracking, cloud rendering, and motion capture. Moreover, easy access to virtual human development tools and standardized digital assets has become a new technological trend.

Notably, Tencent Cloud’s audio and video solutions are its flagship products for overseas expansion. The solutions cover audio and video PaaS, such as real-time interactive Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), Chat, Media Processing Services (MPS), Video on Demond (VOD), and Cloud Streaming Services capabilities, as well as EdgeOne.

Tencent Cloud has achieved significant practical results in the application of its technical capabilities overseas. For example, in the field of audio and video live streaming, Tencent Cloud collaborated with streaming media service provider BeLive Technology to create high-quality audio and video streaming services in Southeast Asia and surrounding regions. BeLive Technology, leveraging Tencent Cloud’s audio and video streaming technology along with its own expertise and experience in providing live streaming marketing services across industries, enables innovative internal and external communication and digital marketing activities for enterprises, providing users worldwide with a truly interactive experience. During the fireside chat at the event, BeLive Technology also invited ShopBack and iStyle.id to discuss trends and growth of video commerce across Asia Pacific.

In the financial sector, Tencent Cloud partnered with Indonesian bank Bank Neo Commerce (BNC). Based on Tencent Cloud’s domestically developed financial-grade distributed database TDSQL, they effectively addressed BNC’s challenges of business upgrades, slow system responses, and lack of internet operation tools, thus promoting BNC’s distributed digital transformation.

In the field of social entertainment, Zepeto, a metaverse social platform under the South Korean internet company Naver, has enhanced its users’ social experience by leveraging Tencent Cloud’s voice chat functionality. As an important partner of Zepeto, Tencent Cloud will continue to collaborate with the platform in terms of product services, user social experience, and AI, exploring more rich and interesting features together.

During the event, numerous companies shared their successful partnerships with Tencent Cloud, highlighting their achievements. One such example is HAGO, a prominent social entertainment company, which collaborated with Tencent Cloud to enhance its AIGC services for global companies. By leveraging Tencent Cloud’s expertise in audio and video technologies and communication PaaS products, HAGO was able to significantly improve its offerings. Another collaboration worth mentioning is Tencent Cloud’s partnership with Mabang ERP, aimed at assisting cross-border e-commerce sellers in streamlining their operations and enhancing their competitiveness. DIANXIAOMI is another company that benefits from Tencent Cloud’s data analysis solutions, utilizing them to expand its presence in international markets. Lastly, INTSIG Information’s intelligent ticket recognition system, backed by Tencent Cloud, enables efficient ticket processing and provides a notable competitive advantage in the global market.

In a roundtable discussion, Rachel Xie, General Manager Operation and Channel Development of Tencent Cloud International; Max, Vice President of HULE Technology; Tina Deng, Risk Advisory Cyber Partner of Deloitte; and Jam Li, APAC Business Development Manager of PayerMax, shared about valuable insights on the globalization of multinational enterprises. Key topics included the comprehensive range of services offered by Tencent Cloud, encompassing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as well as MABANG’s provision of a multi-platform end-to-end solution for cross-border e-commerce. The participants emphasized the accessibility to diverse logistics resources and mainstream payment tools, enabling the effective bridging of technological gaps in ERP, facilitating efficient data flow, and striving to connect various processes to achieve closed-loop transactions. This approach was highlighted to better assist users in achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement in their international expansion efforts, thereby addressing operational challenges.

An Ecosystem Expanding Global Market, Leading High-Quality Development

In line with its internationalization strategy, Tencent Cloud chooses to form strategic alliances with partners to create a collaborative force in the market. Fred Sun, General Manager of Strategy, Tencent Cloud International, said, “Tencent Cloud continues to enrich its global partner ecosystem. Last year, we launched our first international partner program and further established and built a global ecosystem. Additionally, we established the International Partner Academy to provide our partners with abundant resources, tools, and training.”

During the event, Tencent Cloud signed strategic agreements with partners including Global Resources Management Sdn. Bhd. (GRM), Megazone Cloud.

Tencent Cloud and GRM have entered a strategic collaboration to launch its first CDZ (Cloud Dedicated Zone) overseas. Through its cutting-edge technology, Tencent Cloud will help GRM establish a dedicated GRM IDC powered by Tencent Cloud in Malaysia, which is expected to be officially launched by the end of 2023. The collaboration will bring in more powerful cloud computing capabilities to Malaysia and help accelerate the digital transformation journey of all industries. Tencent Cloud and GRM are also set to join hands to expand the cloud computing market in Malaysia and establish a more comprehensive cloud ecosystem in the country.

In South Korea, Tencent Cloud has entered a strategic partnership with Megazone Cloud. Over the next two years, Tencent Cloud will collaborate with Megazone Cloud to expand in the Korean market, with both parties aiming to reach a consensus on strategic frameworks and scalability to deliver high-quality Tencent Cloud services to a broader range of international customers. With Megazone Cloud having established independent entities in eight other countries and regions outside of Korea, the collaboration between Tencent Cloud and Megazone Cloud will extend beyond the country, as they join forces to jointly target international markets.

In the future, Tencent Cloud will continue to leverage its advantages in products, services, and ecosystem to provide global enterprises with Chinese technology services. It will collaborate with numerous partners to explore global markets and expand its presence.

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