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$UMM’s Launchpad on LBank Witnesses Over 1000% Surge within the First 30 Minutes!

TAIPEI, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a trading atmosphere characterized by meticulous strategies and keen observers, the Launchpad of $UMM on LBank has emerged as a focal point of discussion. UMM’s trading trajectory seems to be on a steep upward trend, marking its territory in the competitive crypto landscape.

UMM began its trading journey at $0.1 on September 29th and experienced a meteoric rise to $1 within the first 30 minutes, representing an astonishing 1000% increase from its Launchpad initial price. This Launchpad attracted a whopping 35,229 participants, leading to a cumulative investment exceeding 52,186,338 USDT.

Launchpad Pricing Details:

On September 28th, LBank initiated a subscription quota to facilitate equitable participation for every investor. This Launchpad is topped with a hard cap, and participants who reached the maximum allowed subscription invested an estimated value of $2000 in USDT.

Launchpad Mechanics:

The structural design of the UMM Launchpad on LBank is characterized by precision and thoughtful planning. For a duration of 30 days, LBank assiduously tracked user balances across Spot, Futures, and Earn accounts. The investment quotas were meticulously calculated, considering the 30-day average balances, ensuring fair play and equal opportunities. Furthermore, to qualify, users were mandated to undertake at least one trade on LBank within this timeframe. These stringent and clear rules were set to guarantee that active and substantial asset-holding users were granted premium access to participate.

What’s the Buzz Around UMM?

UMM, abbreviated as MetaExpand, emerges as a pivotal protocol in metaversal development. It’s designed to seamlessly intertwine public chains with metaverse applications, acting as a bedrock to the burgeoning metaverse ecosystem. The protocol aims to streamline the development of user-centric and technologically sophisticated applications, featuring enhancements in storage, communication, privacy, and cross-chain transactions.

UMM allows developers to channel their focus on refining application development, bypassing the complexities of the foundational blockchain technology. Furthermore, UMM introduces its inaugural full-chain game, Jurassic Virus, set in a dystopian 2050 plagued by the Jurassic virus. This innovative gaming realm utilizes the robust capabilities of MetaExpand, introducing a unique game coin, “$Culture”, which can be earned exclusively through staking UMM and can be exchanged back to UMM upon securing victories in-game. The official launch of the Jurassic Virus game happened a few days ago on September 27th, 2023.

Market Impact:

The initial performance of UMM in the Launchpad phase has reverberated strongly within the market, promising substantial returns to risk-embracing investors. According to an internal representative from LBank, the extensive promotion and the ensuing success of this Launchpad are pivotal components of LBank’s comprehensive strategy, aimed at innovating market norms amid prevailing bearish trends. This latest round of Launchpad exemplifies that the success of $PINS was not an isolated incident, further validating that the revitalization of LBank’s Launchpad is a long-term and meticulously planned initiative. We will continue this journey with our LBankers who believe in us, advancing together towards the next bull market.