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Unleashing Potential: How NOVOSENSE Elevates Energy and Power Supply through PV Solutions

MUNICH, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PV stands as a cornerstone in NOVOSENSE’s Energy and Power Supply business. NOVOSENSE offers a comprehensive array of solutions, encompassing photovoltaic inverters, energy storage converters, photovoltaic arrays/optimizers, and energy storage battery/ BMS. The 1200V SiC diode series newly launched by NOVOSENSE, offers exceptional efficiency in single- or three-phase PFC, and isolated or non-isolated DC-DC circuits, meeting the requirements of medium- and high-voltage systems. The optocoupler-compatible NOVOSENSE’s NSI6801 adopts the dual-capacitor enhanced isolation technology, and provides stronger isolation performance, longer service life, wider operating temperature range, and faster switching frequency. It boasts a CMTI exceeding 150kV/μs, significantly enhancing its interference suppression capabilities. All these make NSI6801 a better match for SiC devices, enabling their stable and reliable operation. The non-isolated half-bridge driver NSD1224 from NOVOSENSE provides improved input pins and enhanced negative voltage tolerance at the neutral point of the leg, which can ensure higher driver reliability. In addition, GaN devices are used to improve power density and system efficiency in new designs, where the GaN-based driver NSD2621 can come in to bring out the best of GaN devices.

NOVOSENSE PV & Energy Storage System Solution
NOVOSENSE PV & Energy Storage System Solution

A PV inverter incorporates many Hall current sensor modules for detection of input and output current. NOVOSENSE’s Hall current sensors are smaller than conventional modules, featuring a footprint reduction of over 50%. For example, NSM2019 has an extremely low primary resistance of 0.27 mΩ, continuous primary current capacity of up to 100A, and high surge current resistance capability that meets the photovoltaic inverter input requirements. The ultra-wide-body digital isolator NSI824x from NOVOSENSE provides a creepage distance of up to 15mm, and exceptional EMC performance, making it an ideal choice for photovoltaic systems. The non-isolated/isolated half-bridge drivers from NOVOSENSE, such as NSD1624, NSD1224 and NSI6602V, can better meet the requirements of high power micro-inverters.

As photovoltaics and energy storage technologies increasingly integrate, the number of household energy storage systems and the capacity of battery energy storage are growing. This creates more opportunities for DC-DC converters. In this setting, NOVOSENSE’s half-bridge driver NSI6602V, and products using CAN interface such as NSI1050 and NCA1042, will play a more important role.