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Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Embarks on Neural Network-Based Research to Generate Visuals from Brain Signals

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wayne Hills Bryant A.I., often referred to as “Wayne Hills“, recently announced a groundbreaking research project through its U.S. division. The initiative, named “Wayne Hills Neural Network A.I.“, is aimed at developing an A.I. system capable of producing video content directly from human thoughts.

Wayne Hills Neural Network A.I
Wayne Hills Neural Network A.I

Central to this innovation is the utilization of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology. The method involves linking the brain with minuscule polymer electrodes to detect detailed electrical activity that occurs during thought processes. This data is then interpreted and rendered as text or visual content on screens and devices. This marks Wayne Hills’ ambitious stride into the evolving U.S. tech landscape.

While the company’s existing software, ‘Speech to Video (STV) Ver 2.0’, demands vocal input to translate into videos, the ‘Wayne Hills Neural Network AI’ project elevates this concept. It proposes capturing and converting mere thoughts via BCI into textual and visual formats, revolutionizing content creation.

The research leans towards employing an implantable BCI system, a mechanism that would be integrated directly into the human brain. Such an approach promises comprehensive capture of brain signals, paving the way for a near-perfect conversion of thoughts into videos.

Visualizing a future where one’s thoughts could instantly become video content without vocal or physical gestures is transformative. In this context, Wayne Hills established ‘Text to Video (TTV) AI’ technology, known for turning text into visuals, is predicted to play a vital role.

Wayne Hills CEO, Lee Soo-min, expressed enthusiasm about the endeavor: “Given our established prowess in transforming voice and text into videos, I believe our exploration of brain signals via neural networks can yield significant breakthroughs.” He further highlighted the firm’s proactive strategy, “We’re committed to leading the global landscape, prioritizing patenting and robust R&D efforts.”

In related developments, Wayne Hills recently announced a strategic collaboration with Kakao Brain, a leading AI research subsidiary of Kakao Corp – South Korea’s tech giant renowned for its extensive range of services including its dominant messaging app, KakaoTalk. The partnership signifies a fusion of expertise and positions Wayne Hills strongly within the global tech ecosystem. They also achieved premier recognition in their domestic market with the GS (Good Software) Certification, which endorses software products of high quality based on international standards, namely ISO/IEC 25023, 25051, and 25041. This recognition is an endeavor to enhance software product quality and advocate for the distribution of top-tier products. Moreover, their ‘TTV A.I.’ service, introduced last year on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace, successfully amassed an impressive one million subscribers.

About Wayne Hills Bryant A.I.
An AI tech startup founded in 2019 from South Korea that offers easy video creation and automates video production for B2B and B2C customers.

Through its core technology, the company received global recognition as a CES Innovation Award honoree in 2022 and an Edison award in 2023. Also, in September 2022, Wayne Hills began listing its TTV service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

After raising 11 million dollars in Series A funding by 2021, the company plans to raise $17.5 million in Series B funding this year to establish and reinforce its global presence.