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Winees launches F2 Pro dual lens 2K floodlight cam, delivering the real 180°x3 surveillance

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Winess F2 Pro combines optical distortion correction technology and seamless image stitching technology, plus a dual-lens system, to achieve a 180° ultra-high-definition distortion-free image.

Winees, a smart security brand of AiDot, today launches Winees F2 Pro–the intelligent and professional dual-lens three-light system that provides users with real 180° X 3 surveillance that redefines home security with unmatched features and performance. Engineered to provide the utmost protection and convenience, the F2 Pro promises to be the new standard in smart home surveillance.

“The Winees F2 Pro represents a significant advancement in the field of home security,” said Luke Lin, Chief Executive Officer at Winees. “We’ve listened to the needs of homeowners and designed a floodlight cam that delivers unmatched surveillance, powerful night lighting, ease of use, and customizable functionality. With the F2 Pro, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind like never before.”

The Real 180° X 3 Surveillance:

With its dual-lens three-light system, the F2 Pro Floodlight Camera combines 180° field of view, 180° powerful nightlight, and 180° AI detection to create an unparalleled surveillance experience, providing complete coverage without blind spots. Experience unparalleled clarity with 2K resolution, allowing you to see every detail in crystal-clear quality.

Easy Installation & Quick-Release:

Setting up the F2 Pro is a breeze. The quick-release design simplifies maintenance and adjustment, ensuring you’re up and running in minutes.

Motion-Activated Strobe Light & Siren:

When it comes to deterring intruders, the F2 Pro takes it to the next level. Upon detecting motion, it activates a powerful strobe light and 110db siren, instantly alerting you and deterring potential threats.

Customizable Light Modes:

Winees F2 Pro allows you to tailor your lighting to your preferences. With customizable light modes, you can set the perfect ambiance for any situation, for example, motion mode for frequent entry and exit.

Seamless Integration with AiDot:

The F2 Pro Floodlight Camera seamlessly integrates into AiDot home ecosystem. Connecting with the AiDot app, users can access live footage, review recordings, adjust settings, and receive real-time notifications – all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets, offering the ability to control your security from anywhere, at any time.

Winees is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower homeowners to protect their loved ones and property. The Winees F2 Pro is the culmination of our dedication to excellence in home security.

Product Specifications:

  • Real 180° X 3 surveillance: 180° field of view, 180° powerful nightlight,180° AI detection
  • 2K high-resolution camera, capturing every detail
  • 3000 lumens night lighting
  • AI detection, accuracy rate of 99.5%
  • Motion-activated strobe light & 110db siren
  • Customizable lighting modes
  • Easy installation, user-friendly
  • 2.4GHz high-speed WiFi, with lifelike monitoring visuals in every frame
  • Built-in 3W high-power speaker, high-fidelity reproduction of animal and human sounds
  • IP65 waterproof rating, operating temperature range of -20°C to +50°C

Price & Availability:

The Winees F2 Pro is available on its official website and Amazon. Be among the first to experience the future of home security for $119.79 with the exclusive code: winees9d.

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About Winees:

Winees is a leading innovator in smart security solutions, dedicated to creating products that redefine the way people protect their homes. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, design, and user experience, Winees delivers security solutions that empower users to take control of their safety.

About AiDot:

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