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wire China 2023 was successfully held to showcase cutting-edge technologies and global industry trends.

SHANGHAI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — wire China 2023, the 10th All China-International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd., concluded successfully on September 7th at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The four-day exhibition attracted industry leaders, professionals, and visitors from all over the world to discuss the latest technologies and development trends in the wire and cable industry.

Mr. Daniel Ryfisch, Director of Global Portfolio wire / Tube & Flow Technologies of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH said, “We are excited meeting face-to-face with exhibitors and visitors who are finally back to wire China after 3 years’ absence, gaining numerous positive feedback from them as well. We have also welcomed national and regional pavilions participating from Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, China – a great success that also emphasized the internationality of wire China. We are very optimistic about the development prospects of China’s wire and cable industry. The success of wire China reflects the market resilience and reinforce its position as a first-class international trade & exchange platform for wire & cable industry.”

40,629 professional visitors from 96 countries and regions demonstrates strong economic and trade resilience.

As one of the members of wire Worldwide, wire China has become the largest wire and cable industry event in Asia after 19 years of growth. wire China 2023 has attracted more than 900 domestic and foreign exhibitors and welcomed 40,629 professional visitors from 96 countries and regions with the number increased by 30.83% compared to 2018. wire China 2023 caught the attention of wire and cable industry professionals worldwide by comprehensively showcasing the latest development trends and innovative technological achievements in the wire and cable industry. It provided an excellent stage to display the industry’s vibrant energy and vitality, earning huge praises and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors.

The success of wire China 2023 was further validated by the participants from the industry. Mr. Mo Ruzhi, General Manager of Yutai Technology Cable Co., Ltd., shared his excitement, “This is my tenth visit to wire China. After a three-year long intermission, I’m amazed by the cutting-edge technologies and products showcased at the exhibition.”

Mr. Xie Jianliang, Sales Director of Langfang Xinming Cable Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., said, “Our company participated in each edition of wire China. wire China offers us an international platform to showcase our products and promote our company brand. At this exhibition, we also had efficient face-to-face meetings and interactions with both new and existing clients.”

Mr. Jiang Zhuohan, the Process Engineer at Tonytech, emphasized the vast opportunities, “In this exhibition, we mainly came to look for cooperation opportunities with our potential suppliers, as wire China covers a wide range of exhibit categories with numerous exhibitors.”

BETAFENCE, a leader in the perimeter security field, also recognized the immense value of wire China. Ms. Wang, the head of the marketing department at BETAFENCE, shared her thoughts, “It’s our first participation as we attempted to find suppliers of wire materials. The scale of the exhibition is beyond our expectation. We have connected with several domestic and international suppliers, and we are looking forward to the next edition.”

Mr. Yu Jie, Senior Marketing Manager of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Group Co., Ltd., was very satisfied with the exhibition. He stated, “wire China has promoted the integration and upgrade of resources in the wire and cable industry’s supply chain! In the future, we will leverage the wire China to present more new products to the industry.”

Five major thematic routes, two major industry conferences, 40+ thematic discussions: Returned with upgrades. 

The exhibition showcased five major themes: Innovative equipment empowered by digital intelligence, green and low-carbon solutions, precise measurement and control technology, high-quality wires and cables, and auxiliary processing and supporting equipment. These themes led the visitors on an immersive tour, ensuring an efficient and clear-cut journey where the highlights of the exhibitors were fully captured.

Moreover, during this edition of the exhibition, the organizers collaborated with government agencies, industry associations, and financial institutions to launch several professional forums and conferences, creating business opportunities and building bridges for cooperation among industry peers worldwide.

During the show, two major industry conferences, four thematic forums, and over 40 thematic discussions were all fully packed with hundreds of participants. They are focused on the current pain points and the future of the wire and cable industry, in aim of paving new paths for intelligent development and continuously promoting higher-quality development of the industry.

Mr. Dheeraj, travelling from India to Shanghai, participated in multiple forums and expressed, “wire China activities were diverse and enriching which not only showcased the latest industry highlights but also provided me with valuable opportunities to connect with peers from around the world, enabling in-depth discussions on the industry’s future development. I eagerly look forward to next year’s event.”

As an essential event in the wire and cable industry, wire China not only promotes innovation and development in the industry but also fosters international cooperation and communication.

Mr. Rene Stoeckl, Sales Director of Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, reaped great rewards during the four-day exhibition and stated in an interview, “wire China is one of the most important industry exhibitions globally. We are very grateful for the efforts of the wire China organizers for holding such a grand event. Without a doubt, we will be back next year!”

Mr. Wu Yunjie, the General Manager of Maillefer China, echoed this sentiment, expressing his confidence in wire China: “This edition of wire China was well organized. Hundreds of clients visited our booth on-site, and through several discussions, they gained a deep understanding of our latest smart manufacturing technology. We will participate in the next edition as well, continuing to demonstrate our technology through wire China.”

The successful conclusion of the exhibition marks another milestone in the wire and cable industry. We look forward to gathering again next year. Join The Winner! wire & Tube China will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from September 25th to 28th, 2024.

For more information, please visit the official wire China website: www.wirechina.net or search for “wire & Tube China” on LinkedIn.

wire & Tube 2024 will be taken place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from April 15th to 19th, 2024. You will experience the world’s most influential trade fair for the wire, cable, tube, pipe products and processing machinery industry. For more information on wire & Tube 2024, please visit the official website of the trade fair: www.wire.de and www.Tube.de

Organizers background information

Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS) is a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, one of the world’s top exhibition organizers. MDS is committed to introducing industry leading trade fairs to China and providing Chinese and international customers with superior exhibition services. MDS is successfully holding 13 leading trade fairs and conferences in China, covering a broad range of industries including printing, packaging, wire and tube, plastics, medical devices, rehabilitation, retail, occupational safety and health, wine & spirits and caravanning. With a workforce of 60+ full-time employees, the company’s head office is located in Shanghai with a branch office in Beijing. For more information about MDS, please visit www.mds.cn.

Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the only research institution in China that integrates R&D, testing services, engineering design, and exhibition and conference of wire and cable industry. Its business scope covers R&D and testing of bare conducts, overhead conductors, plastic/rubber insulated wire & cable for electric equipment, HV and EHV power cables, telecommunication cables, optic fiber cables, winding wires, etc., as well as cable accessories; R&D of conductors, insulating compound for wire and cable; R&D and manufacturing of cable machinery and test apparatus; specialized in cable plant/ project planning; testing of wire and cable products, cable accessories and materials; quality certification of wire and cable products confided by and on behalf of the National and local authorities; standardization of wire and cable products and cable machinery and manufacture of special wire and cable, being the organization where four technical commission (TC) and two sub-commission (SC) for wire and cable under the International Electrical Commission (IEC). www.secri.com.