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AIProfet Achieves Significant Milestone in Southeast Asian Expansion with Macrovention and AMPOS Partnerships, Sparking an AI Application Revolution

TAIPEI, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Profet AI, the leading provider of AI applications for the manufacturing industry, announces pivotal partnerships in Southeast Asia, marking a new era in AI-driven industrial transformation. After a successful venture in Vietnam by Crossover Talks, Profet AI now collaborates with Macrovention, Malaysia’s system integration service provider, to introduce the “Everyday AI” solution, specially designed for Southeast Asian enterprises. Further solidifying its footprint, Profet AI has also forged a partnership with AMPOS, an AI and cloud data consulting services provider in Thailand, enhancing its presence and influence in the region.

Jonathan Yu, Global General Sales Manager of Profet AI, expressed, “Profet AI has been committed to providing innovative AI solutions for global manufacturing customers, aimed at enhancing production efficiency and reducing costs. We are delighted to collaborate with Marcovention in Malaysia and AMPOS in Thailand to collectively drive AI applications in the Southeast Asian market. With robust local partnerships, we can offer comprehensive AI solution support to local manufacturing customers, initiating the popularization of AI applications in the region. This will assist businesses in effectively reducing costs using AI and rapidly responding to market needs.”

Profet AI and Macrovention Unveil “Everyday AI” Solution for Southeast Asia

As the first local partner of Profet AI in Southeast Asia, Marcovention Sales Director, Den Ng, said, “We have great confidence in Profet AI’s understanding of domain-specific needs in the field. Their product is not only easy to deploy on-site but also cost-effective. Through data integration, Profet AI’s AutoML platform can identify key factors and automatically generate AI models, aligning perfectly with the efficiency goals pursued by the Southeast Asian market.”

The “Everyday AI” solution, co-developed by Profet AI, Macrovention, and Litmus, is a tailored offering for Southeast Asia. This solution will be showcased at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP 2023) in Singapore on October 18-20, providing a platform to highlight the transformative potential of AI in the region’s business landscape.

Profet AI and AMPOS Collaborates to Jointly Realize the Vision of Enhancing On-Site AI

In a strategic move, Profet AI joined hands with AMPOS in September to champion AI’s role in Thailand’s industrial sector. Bancha Dhammarungruang, CEO and Founder of AMPOS, expressed his belief in the future potential of AI, stating, “At AMPOS, we believe that AI is the future, and it will help us improve every day. We chose to collaborate with Profet AI because of their world-class track record in AI applications for the manufacturing industry. We are confident that their expertise will enable local businesses to swiftly implement AI solutions.”

Through this partnership, Profet AI will integrate its No-code AutoML platform, established processes, and industry expertise with AMPOS’s extensive local resources. The combined efforts seek to boost AI integration in Thai manufacturing, expediting impactful AI implementations and propelling the region’s AI application growth.

Profet AI ITAP 2023 Exhibit Information

Date: Oct 18-20
Location: Singapore Expo (1 Expo Drive, Hall 2 – 3, Singapore 486510)
Booth No.: 2G06 (next to the conference area)

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