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Antai Solar Unveils Revolutionary SnapFit C&I Mounting System at All-Energy 2023, Offering Up to 50% Installation Time Savings

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Antai Solar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, announces SnapFit C&I Mounting System at All-Energy 2023. This groundbreaking solution is designed to transform the commercial and industrial solar landscape, delivering not only unmatched efficiency, but also substantial time savings of up to 50% during installation.

Antai Solar Unveils Revolutionary SnapFit C&I Mounting System at All-Energy 2023
Antai Solar Unveils Revolutionary SnapFit C&I Mounting System at All-Energy 2023

Simple Steps:

The SnapFit C&I Mounting System consists of highly-assembly components with innovative elastic-drive mechanism, simplifying the installation process. Leveraging precision engineered, the system significantly reduces the number of steps required compared to traditional installations.

Few Moves:

With a ready-to-snap-in design, the SnapFit system minimizes the installer’s effort. The installer simply needs to place, rotate, press, or click components into position, eliminating unnecessary complexities in the installation process.

One Tool:

Installers only need a single M8 toolkit to finish the whole installation process. This not only reduces the weight and bulk of tools that installers have to carry to the rooftop, but also simplifies the tool requirement, making the installation process more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Antai Solar’s SnapFit C&I Mounting System embodies the concept of “Less is More, More and More”, presenting a win-win solution for both installers and end-customers. This innovative system not only streamlines workflows for installers, saving time and effort, but also enhances power generation and installed capacity for end-customers. Offering a range of flexible options to meet diverse project needs, the SnapFit system includes tilt options of 0/10/15 degrees, where choosing a tilt can increase power generation by an impressive 8-10% compared to a flush solution. Additionally, the system accommodates both single and east/west double orientation, ensuring adaptability to various site conditions, with an east/west orientation providing a 10-15% increase in installed capacity.

In the dynamic landscape of the Australian PV market, experiencing a rapid surge in C&I solar adoption, the SnapFit system meets critical needs. Its reduced installation time aligns with the urgency for swift deployment of solar projects. Antaisolar, propelled by relentless R&D efforts, consistently delivers cutting-edge products to customers. This commitment ensures that solar energy becomes increasingly convenient, efficient, and accessible, thereby contributing to the realization of the zero-carbon goal.

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