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Arf wins “Best Lending Initiative” at PAY360 Awards

ZUG, Switzerland, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Arf, the global liquidity and settlement platform, has been awarded the Gold PAY360 Award for “Best Lending Initiative.”

Arf wins “Best Lending Initiative” at PAY360 Awards
Arf wins “Best Lending Initiative” at PAY360 Awards

Hosted by The Payments Association, The PAY360 Awards took place in London on October 4th, where Arf was honored for its outstanding contributions to the payments industry and its leadership in lending innovation.

Arf Co-founder and CEO Ali Erhat Nalbant said, “We are delighted to receive this recognition as the industry’s best lending initiative.”

“Arf’s infrastructure empowers financial institutions to access daily liquidity and achieve real-time settlements without the need for prefunding. By solving the core problems in the industry, we have provided $400 million in loans and generated nearly $0.5 billion in on-chain volume within just 10 months. We will continue enabling wider access to better financial services across the globe,” he added.

The firm serves as a pioneering example of how Web3 technologies can revolutionize global payments in a fully transparent manner. As a Swiss-regulated liquidity and settlement platform, Arf bridges the gap between Web3 and TradFi, establishing a powerful tokenized RWA use case by offering liquidity backed by receivables.

Arf also received the Silver Award at PAY360 in the “Best Use of Crypto and/or Blockchain in Financial Services” category last year.

About Arf

Arf is a regulated global liquidity and settlement platform for licensed financial institutions, providing short-term, revolving, and USDC-based credit lines for cross-border payments. Committed to transparency, Arf aims to enhance access to liquidity for cross-border financial institutions across the globe.