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BANGKOK, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A one-of-a-kind gaming experience is about to enter the highly popular world of ‘free streaming entertainment, competitive fantasy sports leagues’ and social game competitions. Global Games company Avantage Entertainment will soon debut their initial product offering, Avantage Baccarat Free Streaming into the Asia market. 

The game promises to be a unique social-only experience where remote players can watch a highly entertaining, live streamed game and play along from the device of their choice. This social game provides competition for bragging rights and status on leader boards amongst players from within Asia and around the world.

Online baccarat is the most popular games in Asia, with millions of fans enjoying and playing online every day. Avantage differs from traditional baccarat by presenting its unique gameplay with a blend of fun and exciting video entertainment:

  • High-end “television game show style” production and cutting-edge graphics that bring the game to life
  • The addition of new twists and free gamification
  • Single-level tournaments
  • Multi-level tournaments where players can win their way up to games with greater points
  • Targeted tournaments and leagues geared for challenges and social competitions
  • Insightful on-camera commentary from seasoned experts

To watch the highly anticipated free premier episode, and to pre-register for Avantage Baccarat, simply click on the link below: 

Registering now gets you in on the action early and makes them first to qualify for a special package of welcome incentives and privileges that will give their game the competitive edge.

The Future of Free Live Stream Gaming is here!

Avantage Entertainment’s mission is to create the most engaging and interactive gaming experiences possible. The company is committed to providing viewers and players with the best possible experience in Asia.  

Beyond Avantage Baccarat, a portfolio of further social games with a fresh online stream entertainment experience is in development, all powered by the Avantage Competition Engine (ACE).