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BACKND Expands into Global Market, Showcasing at Games on AWS 2023

  • Game Backend SaaS BACKND to Showcase at ‘Games on AWS 2023′
  • BACKND Strengthens its global presence through a robust partnership with AWS Korea.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AFI, the operator of BACKND, a SaaS platform for game backend, will participate in “Games on AWS 2023” on October 24th in South Korea.

BACKND’s partnership with AWS Korea further enhances its global presence. The event caters to game developers and industry professionals, featuring BACKND at the official AWS partner booth, where it presents insights on cloud-based game development and live operations.

BACKND is renowned for its user-friendly features, allowing individuals without server or backend knowledge to access vital functions for game development. Since its official launch in 2018, BACKND has offered a comprehensive range of backend features crucial for game development and live operations.

Over the past five years, BACKND has gained validation from over 3,800 developers. Its participation in “Games on AWS” highlights a strengthened partnership with AWS Korea as it prepares for global service expansion. The platform’s global readiness has been showcased at major events, including Gamescom 2023 in Germany and the Tokyo Game Show 2023 in Japan, attracting global game developers’ attention.

The “BACKND BASE” provides more than 30 essential backend features for gaming, including login, announcements, events, real-time database management, receipt validation, rankings, guilds, and push notifications. Additionally, BACKND offers real-time chat features through “BACKND CHAT,” enables multiplayer gaming via “BACKND MATCH,” and provides customizable server programming using “BACKND FUNCTION.”

In August 2022, BACKND secured a Series A investment of $4 million USD from investors, including Kakao Ventures and DSC Investment, highlighting its growth potential. The platform actively supports game developers and indie developers through sponsorships and other initiatives.

Owen Kwon, CEO of AFI, stated, “AFI’s goal with BACKND is to help our clients on their path to success. AFI plans to connect with global game companies through various activities, starting with their participation in ‘Games on AWS.'” Further information can be found at BACKND Website (

BACKND Expands into Global Market, Showcasing at Games on AWS 2023
BACKND Expands into Global Market, Showcasing at Games on AWS 2023

About AFI, INC

AFI operates the ‘BACKND’ gaming backend platform since August 2018, presently catering to over 3,800 corporate customers as of October 2023. In 2022, AFI secured $4 million USD in Series A investment from investors, including DSC Investment and Kakao Ventures, with the goal of improving its global services and expanding its business.


BACKND streamlines game development and operation by offering over 30 game-specific features and an operation console upon release. It is among the pioneering global game backend SaaS platforms that facilitate game server construction with reduced development efforts.

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