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Chewco Baking Mixes: The Perfect Combination with Rheon Encrusting Machines

In order to offer a more diversified range of support and services, Brand Element Corporation is proud to introduce its new baking product brand – Chewco.

TAIPEI, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Engineered for maximum efficiency and convenience, Chewco’s versatile mixes allow bakery manufacturers to streamline their operations while maintaining consistency in texture and quality. Chewco mixes excel in freeze-stability and are meticulously formulated to meet the rigorous demands of mass production, making them the ultimate choice for industrial bakery operations.

To showcase the potential of their mixes, Chewco created three innovative baked creations designed exclusively for Rheon’s state-of-the-art encrusting machines. With this unique alliance, Chewco and Rheon are offering the possibility to create baked goods with unprecedented shapes, intricate layers of fillings, and unique textures.

Original Recipes Showcase the Power of Collaboration

Mango Mochi Bread

Prepare to be captivated by the Mango Mochi Bread, a delightful fusion of mochi-filled soft bread bursting with rich mango flavor. Each piece remarkably resembles the vibrant fruit itself. The magic behind this creation lies in Rheon’s KN500 encrusting machine, featuring a patented inclined rotary table. This ingenious design replicates the art of hand-wrapping with impeccable precision, resulting in bakery products that are as visually stunning as they are tasty.

Cheese Mochi Bite

Indulge in the Cheese Mochi Bite, mini pastries filled with a delectable combination of cream cheese and mochi with a crispy parmesan topping. Rheon’s AN551 filling machine proves to be the ideal partner for crafting this exquisite treat. Featuring a range of exclusive patents, the AN551 is compatible with over 30 original accessories. Its cutting-edge filling technology preserves the integrity of the dough structure, ensuring that every morsel retains its perfect form.

Choco-Berry Mochi Trio

Experience dessert nirvana with the Choco-Berry Mochi Trio, a symphony of three delicious layers: luscious chocolate cake, pillowy mochi, and a burst of strawberry jam. This creation is made possible with Rheon’s KN135 filling machine, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and precision. Equipped with patented stainless steel nozzle technology, the KN135 guarantees consistent dispensing, enabling the creation of delicate pastries with unique flavors and designs.

Unlocking Endless Possibilities for Industrial Baking Worldwide

By seamlessly integrating Chewco’s baking mixes with Rheon’s advanced encrusting technology, bakers can now unlock a world of creativity and efficiency. This partnership empowers bakers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of shapes, textures, and flavors, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.