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DevDays Asia 2023: Microsoft Democratizes Taiwan’s AI with Skilling Initiative

TAIPEI, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), in collaboration with the Administration for Digital Industries, moda (ADI), and Microsoft Taiwan, proudly sponsored the eighth edition of this year’s DevDays Asia conference. The event in Taipei and Kaohsiung launched with a record number of participants. It is Microsoft’s biggest developer conference in Asia and a central platform for tech enthusiasts and professionals to explore the latest digital trends.

DevDays Asia 2023: Microsoft Democratizes Taiwan’s AI with Skilling Initiative
DevDays Asia 2023: Microsoft Democratizes Taiwan’s AI with Skilling Initiative

This year’s theme is “Leading the Future: Empowering Agile and Innovative Transformation with AI,” the agenda is closely aligned with cutting-edge technologies that have garnered developers’ attention, including Generative AI, data science, and cybersecurity. Experts from Microsoft’s corporate headquarters and their counterparts in Taiwan delivered a rich program that show-cased innovative applications of Azure OpenAI Service, cross-platform integration and interoperability, compliance and application development involving AI, Power Platform, and Teams, along with the concept of AI-driven industrial metaverse, GitHub Copilot applications, and AI cybersecurity.

Vice Premier of Executive Yuan Wen-Tsan Cheng made a notable appearance, where he underlined the government’s commitment to investing resources to enhance digital talents’ competitiveness, further driving the widespread adoption of AI in Taiwan, and realizing the “Digital Nation, Smart Island” policy. As one of the critical government agencies driving digital development in Taiwan, Huai-Jen Lee, Deputy Minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs, underscored the importance of events like DevDays Asia in showcasing the boundless potential of AI to participants. As industries enthusiastically embrace emerging technologies such as Generative AI, Lee said moda is committed to accelerating the integration of digital technologies with the people of Taiwan, thereby realizing the vision of “AI in Industries, Industrialization of AI.”

Empowering Taiwan’s Smart Revolution in the Era of AI Democratization

Microsoft Taiwan’s General Manager, Sean Pien, indicated, “Over the past nine months, we have witnessed Azure OpenAI Service being implemented in various fields in Taiwan, including manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, retail, and more, showcasing Taiwan’s eagerness to embrace Generative AI and its transformative innovation. Generative AI will accelerate industrial digital transformation, propelling Taiwan to become a global leader in digital innovation over the next decade. Microsoft will continue to infuse international resources while collaborating with government and customer partners on the foundation of trust and security.”

Azure OpenAI Service has been adopted in 12 industries in Taiwan, driving the implementation of over 200 solutions. It is expected to generate NT$680 million in industry benefits in the coming year, contributing to the thriving ecosystem.

Microsoft Nurturing Digital Expertise

Microsoft Taiwan highlighted the success of its 2020 commitment to raising skills, with Sales Enablement & Operation Lead Flora Chen announcing that “Microsoft has achieved its goal of training and empowering over 200,000 tech talents three years ahead of schedule”. This year’s sessions were specifically focused on Generative AI technology, which captured industry attention. “Additionally, we emphasized the importance of security and trust. Through case studies and live demonstrations, we assisted developers in mastering advanced development frameworks, trends, and high-level cybersecurity AI technology, collectively building a secure and intelligent future.”

Showcasing Smarter Taiwan: Partnering with Industry Innovators to Unveil Emerging Applications

Microsoft’s commitment to fostering global business connections and international market access has been unwavering. It has facilitated invaluable business opportunities through a series of dynamic expos and events, such as DevDays Asia 2023 and the Microsoft Generative AI Practical Forum. These opportunities encompass engaging exhibitions, exclusive matchmaking sessions, and strategic introductions to potential sales partners.

Over the past two years, Microsoft has enabled Taiwanese businesses to seamlessly engage with international customers, leading to an impressive achievement of over NT$1.5 billion in overseas business opportunities. Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs will continue working with Microsoft to bridge the gap in international resources, helping local companies and startups expand their horizons and effectively connect with the global market.