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Dukosi and Suzhou Hengmei Electron Technology Inc. Strengthen Partnership and Establish Joint Development Laboratory

Joint Lab to serve as Regional Innovation Hub for Advancing Chip-on-Cell-based Next Generation Battery Systems

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dukosi Ltd, the technology company revolutionizing the performance, safety and sustainability of battery systems, and Suzhou Hengmei Electron Technology, Inc. (“Hengmei”) today announced the Joint Development Laboratory at Hengmei’s facility in Suzhou, China. The lab will accelerate the development and adoption of chip-on-cell-based solutions for more sustainable battery systems that will power the electric future.

“Our shared commitment to driving innovation throughout the battery system value chain will allow us to offer future-proof technology to our customers,” stated Eric Yang, CEO of Hengmei. “Dukosi’s cell monitoring solution revolutionizes how battery-based systems are designed and paves the way towards on-cell sensing and processing. Whether electric vehicles, energy storage, or marine applications, the flexible and scalable solution is suitable for all our markets and will significantly reduce time-to-market due to its simple yet powerful architecture. Contributing to a sustainable battery supply chain is also a key objective at Hengmei. Dukosi’s chip-on-cell solution provides 24/7 monitoring and data logging that helps maximize the utilization of batteries throughout its lifecycle, and lifetime traceability helps comply with regulatory requirements aimed at building a circular battery value chain.”

China has been at the forefront of electrification of transport and mobility with a well-established battery production ecosystem and 75%[1] of the world’s battery cell manufacturing capacity,” stated Joseph Notaro, vice president global sales and marketing at Dukosi. “Hengmei is already a leader in cell connection systems (CCS) and an important and progressive partner who is positioning themselves for growth into global markets. We are proud of our partnership and look forward to closer collaboration and achieving mutual business growth and success.”

The Joint Laboratory was opened on 25 October, 2023 in an official ceremony.  Nat Edington, CEO of Dukosi, and Joseph Notaro, vice president global sales and marketing at Dukosi, were presented with a plaque by Hengmei’s CEO Eric Yang, and the ceremony was attended by senior managers from across Hengmei businesses. Speaking at the event, Yang said, “At this great moment of the third energy revolution in human history, we are more confident than ever in taking the initiative to embrace changes, promote the development and application of new technologies and products with our partners in the global battery ecosystem, and make greater contributions to carbon neutrality.”

About Dukosi

Dukosi develops revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of battery systems, and enable a more sustainable battery value chain. The company provides a unique cell monitoring platform based on intelligent chip-on-cell technology and wireless near field communication for electric vehicles (EV), industrial transportation and stationary energy storage markets. Headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, Dukosi has a global footprint with locations in USA, Asia and Europe. For more information, please visit

About Hengmei

Suzhou Hengmei Electron Technology, Inc. is a company committed to the research, development, production and sales of electronic control systems for new energy vehicles and energy storage. Our strategic positioning and competitive advantage lies in providing an integrated power battery electronic control solution. Our product portfolio includes battery management systems (BMS) (wireless and wired), flexible printed circuits (FPC), cell connection systems (CCS), battery disconnect units (BDU), and high and low voltage wiring harnesses. Our vision & mission is to make transportation safer and greener. Since our inception, we have been working towards achieving the goals of ecological and environmental protection through sustainable development. For more information, please visit

[1] China’s battery supply chain tops BNEF ranking for third consecutive time; Canada close 2nd, US drops to 3rd – Green Car Congress