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Enhancing Vietnam’s Textile Greatness, VTG will unveil on 10/25 at SECC

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VTG, the premier industry platform for top-tier textile machinery in Southeast Asia, organized by Vinexad and Yorkers; managed by ChanChao Int’l, will kick off at SECC from October 25th to 28th. As a major display platform of textile supply chain, VITATEX and DYECHEM will join forces concurrently. Additionally, VFM, the Vietnam Int’l Footwear Machinery and Material Exhibition returns triumphantly, exhibiting products spanning categories from upstream to downstream, adding luster to this grand event and enhancing the overall splendor. Concurrent VTEX-TECH seminar events will be held during this exhibition on October 26th and 27th.

Amidst changing supply chain dynamics and the influence of the international situation, “TEXTILE 4.0- Textile and Apparel Industry in Industry 4.0” is currently the most prominent concern in the Vietnam textile industry. Following the domestic demand, the show will gather over 500 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions, as well as 3 featured pavilions of India, Korea, and Taiwan. The exhibition will focus on factory digitalization, aiming to propel the local textile industry in Vietnam to facilitate digital transformation this year.

VTG has invited renowned international textile machinery manufacturers to demonstrate their cutting-edge automation technologies. Notable participants include global embroidery machine leader TAJIMA, jacquard machine innovator KYANG YHE (KY), digital printing machine chief SANSIN, and textile printing frontrunner EPSON (THN) etc. VFM is making a significant comeback, more than 30 prominent industry players are converging to display cutting-edge equipment and related products.

In addition, the shift towards smart factory practices has become a central focus in line with Vietnam’s strong commitment to digital transformation. The exhibition will highlight several well-established companies making substantial contributions to digitizing textile production facilities. Distinguished entities such as iGarment, DATACOLOR, and LTLABS are among the showcased exhibitors, collectively presenting a promising trajectory for industry advancement.

Given that Vietnam’s domestic production capacity only meets 25% of the fabric demand, the textile sector heavily relies on the increasing expansion of fabric imports. As a result, this has garnered the attention of international manufacturers from countries such as India, South Korea, and China, participating in showcasing their offerings at the event, featuring enterprises such as JAIN CORD, SHEICO, and MORIRIN. This year, many international exhibitors will be on-site, presenting environmentally friendly chemical dyeing products, collectively bolstering the efforts to enhance and transform Vietnam’s textile sector, with the involvement of over 20 companies.