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ESY SUNHOME Unveils Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Melbourne’s ALL-Energy Exhibition

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ESY SUNHOME, a dynamic entrant in the renewable energy sector, is poised to introduce its latest pioneering products at the ALL-Energy Exhibition in Melbourne, scheduled for October 25-26, 2023. Simultaneously, the company will officially announce the imminent release of its  three-phase product line by year-end.

Come and Join us!
Come and Join us!

AT this event, ESY SUNHOME aims to introduce fresh and innovative clean energy technologies to homes and businesses. Attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to experience the latest innovations from ESY SUNHOME, including:

Single-Phase Unit – HM10

ESY SUNHOME’s groundbreaking new product, the HM10, is an impressive single-phase residential energy storage system. It is equipped with 5kWh or more energy storage capacity and supports straightforward stackable installation, delivering outstanding performance and convenience to users. Compared to its predecessor, the HM6, the HM10 offers higher power output and incorporates IP66-rated waterproof technology, ensuring efficient operation even in extreme weather conditions.

Three-Phase Systems – HM15 and HM20

The soon-to-be-launched high-voltage three-phase systems, HM15 and HM20, promise even more surprises for users. These products feature a user-friendly ALL-IN-ONE setup, eliminating the need for complex configurations. Once installed, HM15 and HM20 immediately enhance energy efficiency. Compatible with the new 10kWh+ (HV) high-voltage batteries, these systems support straightforward installation and parallel connection, with a maximum capacity of up to 90kWh+. Additionally, they employ IP66-rated waterproof technology and introduce a rare low-to-high-voltage conversion technique, ensuring the safe operation of batteries in high-voltage environments.

Mr. Lee, the CEO stated, “ESYSUNHOME’s design and development focus has always been on simplicity, convenience, efficiency, and user-friendliness. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services and integrating clean energy technologies into people’s lives, thereby elevating overall living standards.”

All of ESY SUNHOME’s products come equipped with round-the-clock cloud-based monitoring and unique AI intelligence features. These functionalities analyze user electricity consumption patterns, local electricity rates, and weather conditions, among other factors, to provide users with tailored electricity consumption modes, which achieve peak shaving self-consumption and ultimately enhance overall quality of life.

Furthermore, ESY SUNHOME offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all its products and maintains local business and technical teams in Australia and Germany to provide customers with professional consultation and after-sales support.

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About ESY SUNHOME: ESY SUNHOME is a dynamic newcomer in the renewable energy industry, dedicated to providing innovative energy storage systems and smart energy management solutions for homes and businesses. The company’s mission is to promote the widespread adoption of renewable energy and contribute to establishing a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.