Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Global Sources Fashion 2023 Hong Kong Show Phase 3 leads new trends in fashion

Phase 3 of the 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong shows – Fashion – officially kicks off today and will run until October 30 at AsiaWorld-Expo. Highlighting sports, leisure, and health, the show offers an extraordinary opportunity for buyers to explore the latest trends while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

The exhibition brings together nearly 600 high-quality suppliers from Mainland China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with around 1,000 booths showcasing over 50,000 personalized and design-oriented outdoor and sportswear, eco-friendly clothing, fashion accessories, bags, and more – providing an unparalleled one-stop fashion sourcing platform.

An exciting change introduced by Global Sources this year is the move of the Fashion show to Phase 3. This strategic decision aims to enhance buyer experience by facilitating seamless access to preferred manufacturers and products. Simultaneously, it provides exhibitors with an optimized platform for precise showcasing and impactful promotion.

John Kao, Global Sources Vice President for Hong Kong and Overseas Shows, said, “With the growing global health awareness, the importance of sports and outdoor elements has become increasingly prominent. In response to this emerging trend, the Global Sources Fashion show has diligently incorporated these elements, effectively showcasing a broad range of related products and creating a diverse fashion sourcing platform to meet the growing procurement demand of the global market.”

India and Vietnam Exhibitors Bringing Unique New Products and Crafts

This year, Global Sources Fashion has specially invited suppliers from India and Vietnam to showcase highly distinctive local fashion products and crafts. The delegation from India, led by the Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council (WWEPC) under the Ministry of Textiles, presents a wide range of locally distinctive products, such as wool, woolen products, and acrylic blends. They held an opening ceremony on the first day of the show, attended by Hu Wei, CEO of Global Sources, John Kao, Vice President of Global Sources Hong Kong and Overseas Shows, Sam Hui, Vice President of Global Resources Strategy and International Business, Satwant Khanalia, Consul General of India in Hong Kong, Suresh Thakur, Chairman of the Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council (WWEPC), and Renjina Mary Varghese, Consul (Commerce) of India in Hong Kong.

Fashion manufacturing companies from Vietnam will once again showcase their products at the Fashion show this year. They bring a large collection of cost-effective and high-quality products, highlighting Vietnam’s rising level of craftsmanship and design and injecting Southeast Asian fashion design concepts and creativity into the event. “The participation of international exhibitors brings more diverse fashion cultures and trend insights to the expo. We believe this exchange will lead to innovative collisions of thought, injecting more vitality and dynamism into the exhibition while providing global buyers with more diversified procurement choices,” said Sam Hui, Vice President of Global Sources Strategy and International Business.

9 Major Fashion Show Themes

To present products more vividly to the audience and provide buyers with an immersive visual experience, Global Sources Fashion has carefully arranged 9 specialized fashion shows on October 28 and 29. Themes include Sportswear and Accessories, Indian and Vietnamese Specialty Fashion, Xiamen Sports Fashion, Fashion Accessories, and Bags, among other categories. These fashion shows will feature professional models strutting the latest trendy product designs from exhibitors on the catwalk.

Trends Spotlight: New Season’s Color Trends by Pantone

In the world of fashion and design, color selection and coordination play a pivotal role. Colors not only influence the overall atmosphere, but also largely determine the effect of designs and the direction of fashion trends. To better lead fashion trends, Global Sources Fashion has once again partnered with Pantone, the world’s leading color institute, to present and nterpret the fashion color trends for the 2024 Fall/Winter season. These colors include “Fleeting,” “Whisper,” and “Emotion,” each with its unique emotional expression and injecting new vitality into the fashion industry.

To help buyers and exhibitors better understand color and its application, the show has launched the Color Trends Spotlight in Hall 9, a beacon for color combinations and trends in fashion products for the new season. It showcases outstanding product designs that apply Pantone colors.

Multi-themed Conference Program

Global Sources Fashion organizes specialized forums covering popular industry topics: Sports and Outdoors, Environment, Society and Governance (ESG), Sustainability and Environmental Protection. Keynote speakers and industry experts will be present to provide insights and share their expertise on these subjects.

Hybrid Show Model

The show will also feature live streaming from the show floor to cater to buyers’ needs for new products even if they can’t attend the event in person. Global Sources is dedicated to creating an efficient platform for suppliers and buyers worldwide to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

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