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Google Cloud Partner TS Cloud Releases “ChatGPT Auto-Data Entry”

HONG KONG, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct. 2, TS Cloud announced the release of “ChatGPT Auto-Data Entry”. With this service, Google Workspace users can speed up data entry work with AI now.

The service allows AI to analyze a large number of images and PDF files uploaded to Google Drive and AI will input the required data into Google Sheets. Automating the data input operations that have been carried out manually until now.

Data entry is often a time-consuming and routine task, but “ChatGPT Auto-Data Entry” can reduce such time by up to 90%. It could be applied to various departments in an organization, such as the sales department for business card input, and the accounting department for invoice input, etc. There are many scenarios in which workflow can be expected to automate.

The backend of the service uses Google Vision AI and Google Document AI for text detection, and with OpenAI’s Completions API the data will be categorized then output to user’s Google Sheets. The data is stored in users’ Google Drive and is not used for AI learning. Users can feel at ease with confidence in using it!

“AI will become an indispensable tool for improving work efficiency in the future, and ChatGPT Auto-Data Entry is a service that can feel the benefits of AI easily,” said Mr. Shiko Tanaka, CEO of TS Cloud, “We look forward to contributing to the digital transformation for our customers.”

The service can be simply installed from Google Workspace Marketplace and allows you to enter 20 pieces of data for free. No subscription is required, and the number of data entries can be topped up at any time. Enterprises interested in improving their productivity are encouraged to start with a free trial.

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