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HKBN Enterprise Solutions Debuts RUCKUS’s AI-Powered Managed Wi-Fi Service in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES) under HKBN Group (SEHK stock code: 1310), the leading ICT Powerhouse in Hong Kong, has teamed up with RUCKUS Networks (RUCKUS), a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology innovation, to introduce RUCKUS’s AI-powered Managed Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong, making the territory’s first access to this cutting-edge technology.

RUCKUS AI is a game-changer in network management, with significant productivity enhancements for businesses worldwide, including up to a 70% reduction in Mean Time to Resolution and a 60% decrease in IT Time. HKBNES is thrilled to bring these benefits to its customers in Hong Kong, offering an AI-driven solution that proactively predicts and prevents potential Wi-Fi faults before they occur.

William Ho, HKBN Co-Owner and CEO, Enterprise Solutions said, “The collaboration between HKBNES and RUCKUS allows Hong Kong businesses to address the growing complexities of network management in an increasingly digital world. Via including RUCKUS AI as part of our IT.Simplified business solution package for Small To Medium Enterprises, we equip enterprises of all sizes with a solution that simplifies management, enhances visibility, and optimises energy usage. By offloading the management burden from IT professionals, businesses can focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing performance and growth. With the introduction of RUCKUS’s AI-powered Managed Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong, we are driving forward our commitment to make our customers’ businesses stronger.”

AI and technology innovation play a pivotal role in addressing the complexities of managing Wi-Fi networks. RUCKUS, with their impressive leadership in AI technology development, stands out as an industry leader in this domain. By partnering with RUCKUS, HKBNES can leverage their expertise and leadership to bring cutting-edge AI capabilities to Wi-Fi management in Hong Kong.

The RUCKUS AI-powered Managed Wi-Fi service provides a host of benefits to customers, including:

  • Enhanced network performance: The AI-enabled platform continuously adapts to network conditions to optimise coverage, capacity, and client connections. This ensures maximum network performance and efficiency, even in high-density environments, providing businesses with a reliable and consistent Wi-Fi connection.
  • Seamless user experience: The system prioritises critical applications and devices based on real-time network traffic analysis. Users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience with a stable and smooth Wi-Fi connection that adapts to their needs, even in bustling office environments or crowded public venues.
  • Simplified network management: AI capabilities automate tasks including issue detection, diagnosis, and optimisation recommendations, simplifying network management for administrators. Proactive troubleshooting and self-healing capabilities minimise downtime and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Robust security: The solution incorporates advanced encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and threat prevention capabilities to safeguard the network and protect against unauthorised access and potential cyber threats.
  • Scalability and future-proofing: The service supports a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small enterprises to large organizations, and excels in high-density environments like stadiums, campuses, and public venues. Built on advanced technologies and standards, it ensures compatibility with emerging trends and innovations.
  • Valuable analytics and insights: Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provide detailed insights into network performance, user behavior, and application usage. These insights can be leveraged for capacity planning, troubleshooting, and optimising network resources, facilitating informed decision-making.

Wilson Ching, Regional Director, GC (Mainland China, HK, Macau and Taiwan), RUCKUS NETWORKS concluded, “We’re thrilled to extend our strategic collaboration with HKBNES to bring our AI-powered Managed Wi-Fi solution to Hong Kong. This partnership leverages the strengths of both RUCKUS’s industry-leading AI technology and HKBNES’s exceptional connectivity capabilities. Together, we’re delivering advanced AI capabilities for Wi-Fi management to empower businesses in Hong Kong. We’re committed to support Hong Kong enterprises to stay at the forefront of the digital era, boost productivity, and drive success.”

About RUCKUS Networks
RUCKUS Networks (“RUCKUS”), a business unit of CommScope, builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environments of the industries we serve. RUCKUS delivers high-performance wireless LAN, wired LAN, IoT, assurance and security solutions that enable exceptional connection experiences for guests, students, residents, citizens and employees. Best-in-class hardware and Al-driven software reduce complexity and improve business outcomes for the world’s most demanding industries. 

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